#IFA18 – Casio is a brand of watches (amongst other things) that some might associate with more traditional timepieces. However the company has dabbled in smartwatches in the past, such as the Pro Trek that was launched last year that ran on Google’s Android Wear operating system (now known as Wear OS).

This year the company is back with yet another iteration of the smartwatch in the form of the Pro Trek Smart. One of the unique features of the watch is the use of a dual display that has been layered on top of each other. There will be a monochrome LCD that will show basic information like the time and date, and a color OLED that will offer up more detailed smartwatch features.

There is also the introduction of what Casio calls Extend Mode. This basically allows users to use offline color maps, but also offline GPS logging which means that if you’re out in the wild and want to conserve battery, you can enable this mode that will allow users to log GPS data offline for up to three days.

Other than that the Pro Trek Smart will come with the usual features you might expect from a smartwatch geared towards adventurers. This includes water resistance, MIL-STD-810 certification for durability, low-temperature resistance, and will also include pressure sensors for both air pressure and altitude.

As is the case with its predecessor, the new Pro Trek Smart will run on Wear OS. No word on pricing just yet, but Casio has listed the watch as being available in January, 2019.

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