Click.toWhen you’re working on the computer, one of the most commonly used functions is probably copy and paste. Most people already know the shortcut (CTRL + C and CTRL + V on Windows) to get the job done, some people use the right click, copy, right click, paste method, and then there are some folks who select what they want, go to edit, copy, and edit, paste. Well, the folks over at believe that they’ve figured out a more efficient way, with their app.


What is, is a little app that pops up every time you press copy text or an image (either via a shortcut or by right clicking) that lets you select which app/service you’d like to paste the copied text/image too. For example, you’re reading an article a restaurant and you want to find out where it is. You could copy the name of the restaurant, open your web browser, load up Google Maps, and paste the name into the search box. But with, you can copy the name of the restaurant, select Google Maps in the pop-up menu, and you’re set.

I downloaded the app to give it a test run, and I gotta say I was pretty impressed. It definitely saves you a lot of time when you’re using it to copy and paste text to web services (Twitter, Facebook, Google Search, Translate, Maps etc), it’s doesn’t offer any benefits when it comes to copying and paste from one document to another. However it is a free app after all and once you know its limitations and what it can do for you (you can add services that aren’t listed by default) it might actually help speed up how you use the computer. is a free app that works on Mac OS and Windows, and will be arriving on Android and iOS over the next few months. Head over to’s website to give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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