Lacta chocolate bar uses augmented reality to send message to a friend

Lacta decided to leverage the potential of augmented reality with their latest chocolate bar, where presenting it as a gift to someone else (as long as you are staying in Greece, that is), will require a free Android or iPhone mobile app by OgilvyOne Worldwide to be installed beforehand by the recipient. This enables Greek consumers to use their phone to send a message to a friend through any chocolate bar from Kraft Foods’ Lacta brand. First of all, you will need to compose the message over the Lacta app, where you can see a preview of what the recipient will see when they view it, followed by picking up a name of the recipient from your Facebook’s friend list. Pity, as I would have liked to see a standard email address work just fine, since not everyone has jumped onto the Facebook bandwagon despite over 800 million people already having done so. The recipient will receive a Facebook notification and download the app, before their phone shows the interactive message on any Lacta chocolate bar. I can already see people proposing through this way – how about you?

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