Samsung’s Next Foldable Trick Could Be A Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses

Samsung has been working on foldable displays for a while now, and last we checked, the company is expected to launch its first commercially available foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The handset has since been delayed from its launch, but it seems that in the meantime, the company is coming up with new ideas on how to use its foldable tech, although not in the way you might think.

Apple Has Hit The Pause Button On Its AR Glasses

For a while now, we have heard rumors that Apple could be working on a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses. The glasses were originally set for a launch in 2020, or so the rumors were saying, but now it seems that there is a chance we might never see them anymore. This is because apparently, Apple has stopped development on them.

Gucci Lets You Try Shoes In AR Through iOS App

Many fashion brands are using augmented reality to enable their customers to try out products remotely. Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion brand, is now doing something similar. It has launched a new iOS app which enables customers to remotely try out its Ace sneakers collection used augmented reality.

Google ARCore Arrives For OnePlus 7 And OnePlus 7 Pro

The latest smartphones from OnePlus have now received support for ARCore, Google’s software-based augmented reality platform. Google introduced this platform in 2017 and dozens of devices have received support for it since. The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro have now joined that list in addition to the 5G variant of the OnePlus 7 Pro.


YouTube Uses Augmented Reality To Let Users Try On Makeup Virtually

Online shopping has become the norm, but the downside to buying things online and not in person is that you can’t try them on, which means that you’ll have to take a gamble and hope that that dress you bought fits you perfectly, or that makeup you bought is the shade that is advertised and suits you.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Will Be Launching June 21st

Building on the success of Pokemon GO and the trend in augmented reality (AR) based games, Niantic revealed a couple of years ago that they were working on a new AR game similar to Pokemon GO. The main difference is that this game will be based on the Harry Potter franchise which would offer up similar gameplay, but in a new world and new settings.

AR Module Turns The XTAL VR Headset Into A Mixed Reality Device

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) headsets, we have your more mainstream and well-known headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and the Sony PlayStation VR. However, there are some other VR headsets out there that are aimed more towards enterprise users, such as VRgineers’ XTAL.

Microsoft Wants To Take Pokemon GO On With Minecraft Earth

A little over a week ago, Microsoft released a teaser video which seemed to hint at the company’s plans at taking on augmented reality (AR) based games such as Pokemon GO. The trailer teased that the company would be launching an AR version of Minecraft, and sure enough they have.

GOAT Uses AR To Let You Preview Sneakers Before Launch

A lot of people are really passionate about their sneakers and GOAT, a secondary sneaker seller, is now offering a new augmented reality-based feature which will enable people to preview new sneakers before they’re launched. Other companies have also used AR for something similar but GOAT users will have the ability to preview the sneakers before they’re actually launched.

Microsoft Teasing Augmented Reality Version Of Minecraft

Using augmented reality (AR) for gaming makes a lot of sense, although admittedly it took the success of Pokemon GO for developers to really sit up and pay attention to it. For those who are looking forward to experiencing more AR based games in the future, Microsoft could have something for you.

Niantic’s Ingress Game Now Available On Netflix As An Animation Series

Many might be familiar with Niantic as the developer of the popular augmented reality game, Pokemon GO. However, years before Pokemon GO became a reality, the company was actually developing another AR based game in the form of Ingress, which admittedly did not quite receive the same level of attention that Pokemon GO did.

You Can Now Reserve Your Name In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

As some of you might have heard, the folks at Niantic are developing a new game in the form of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. From what we can tell, it is expected to be similar in concept to Pokemon GO, except that it will be based on the Harry Potter franchise. The game is expected to be released in the near future, and the good news is that you can […]

Google ARCore Support Expanded To More Devices

ARCore, Google’s software-based augmented reality platform, is now expanding to a handful of additional devices. The company keeps a list of devices that receive support. The list is regularly updated to reflect the new additions that are made. Five additional devices have now received support for Google’s ARCore platform.

Rovio Launches New Augmented Reality Angry Birds Game

Back in the day having Angry Birds available on your mobile platform was a big deal. These days the franchise is nowhere as popular as it once was, but it seems that Rovio is continuing to push it. The company, together with Resolution Games, has launched a new Angry Birds title in the form of Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs.