Articles about Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple Glasses Prototype Reportedly Falls Behind Testing Schedule
If the rumors are true, Apple is apparently developing several wearable headsets, one of which is a mixed reality device and one is an augmented reality device, and those are the ones we know about. However, it seems that there is a chance that the latter could be delayed.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Feature As Many As 15 Cameras
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be developing a couple of wearable headsets. While the rumored Apple Glasses are the most anticipated of the bunch, Apple is also said to be developing a mixed reality headset that could debut as soon as next year, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come forward with some additional details.

Tim Cook Interview Seemingly Teases Apple’s Plans For An AR Headset
A popular rumor making their rounds in the past few years is that Apple could be looking to develop their very own pair of AR glasses. We’ve seen this attempted by the likes of Google in the past, although it wasn’t very successful, so while it does seem like an exciting prospect for Apple, we are a bit skeptical.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Debut In The Next Few Months
It is no secret that Apple is working on a mixed reality headset and that the company could launch the device ahead of their augmented reality glasses. In fact, it could be very soon, at least according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who claims that Apple will launch the device in the coming months.


Snap Could Be Working On A Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses
When it comes to wearables, Snap is no stranger to that scene. The company has released a couple iterations of its Spectacles to date, but it looks like the company wants to expand and take things to the next level. This is according to a report from The Information (paywall) who claims that Snap is apparently looking to launch a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Google Maps Can Now Show Indoor AR Directions
Have you ever gone to a new mall or building and gotten really lost as to where you need to go? If you have, you’re not alone. However, the good news is that thanks to augmented reality technology, Google has recently announced that they will be using that tech for indoor mapping for Google Maps.

Niantic Teases Their Own Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses
Niantic is the company that many of you might know for games like Pokemon GO, an augmented reality based game where players can walk around in real-world locations to catch various Pokemon and play against other players. The company did help make augmented reality games popular and showcase their potential.

Apple Glasses Could Adapt Itself To The Wearer’s Eyesight
The problem with smart glasses is that for some users who might wear prescription glasses, it can be a bit difficult. It also means that manufacturers need to take into account for that and create more models, which complicates the process. However, Apple thinks that they might have a solution.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Could Weigh Under 150 Grams
Word on the street has it that Apple is developing its own mixed reality headset that could launch as soon as next year. The problem with a lot of mixed reality headsets is that they tend to be quite heavy due to all the hardware stuffed inside of it, which means that they can’t be worn for very long periods of time.

This Is Apple’s Alleged Roadmap For Its Augmented Reality Wearables
It has long been rumored that Apple could be planning their own augmented reality based smart glasses. However, recent rumors have suggested that the company could actually be planning other mixed reality devices as well, such as an AR/VR headset. Now according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this is when we might be able to expect them.

Apple Rumored To Launch A Pair Of Smart Contact Lenses In 2030
According to the rumors, Apple is working on quite a few wearable tech devices. This includes a potential AR/VR headset and a pair of smart AR glasses, but it seems that isn’t all. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who put together an expected roadmap of Apple’s AR efforts, he seems to believe that Apple could be working on a pair of smart contact lenses.

Apple’s AR Glasses Could Tell You How Fresh Your Food Is
Can you tell at a glance how fresh your food is? Sometimes it might be obvious when you smell something really funky, or if there are black or white spots growing on a piece of fruit, but other times, it isn’t always that clear. However, Apple is hoping to solve this problem with their AR glasses.

TSMC Will Reportedly Supply Apple Micro OLED Displays For The Apple Glasses
There have been rumors for a while now that Apple could be developing its own pair of smart glasses, which at the moment has been nicknamed the Apple Glasses. Now according to a new report from Nikkei, they are reporting that TSMC will apparently be the one to supply Apple with the micro OLEDs that will be used in the glasses.

Apple’s AR Glasses Might Be Able To Tell When You’re Distracted
When Google launched their Google Glasses years ago, it was a rather exciting time, but ultimately the project kind of fizzled. Now it seems that Apple could be interested in picking up the mantle with their own set of AR glasses, but the question is, what kind of features might it pack to make it stand out from what came before it?

Apple Could Launch A VR Headset Ahead Of Their AR Glasses
When it comes to reality-based devices, Apple has typically leaned more towards augmented reality (AR) while the competition, like Valve and Facebook, has focused more on virtual reality (VR). However, it seems that Apple could have had a change of heart because a report from Bloomberg claims that the company could debut its own VR headset as early as next year.

Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses Replaces 5 Monitors
Lenovo is going deeper into Augmented Reality (AR) applications with its new A3 Smart Glasses, which target business travelers, says Lenovo.Much has been said about what AR could do in the consumer space. In reality, all the money has been going to industrial and business applications, and that trend will continue in the short-term.For AR to gain consumer acceptance, it needs to be affordable, inconspicuous, and offer phone-like battery life. […]

Apple’s AR Glasses Might Only Enter Production In 2022
If you were hoping to see Apple’s AR glasses launch this year, you might be disappointed because according to a report from DigiTimes (paywall), it seems that Apple might only begin production of the wearable in the first quarter of 2022 at the earliest.

TikTok’s Latest Update Takes Advantage Of The iPhone 12’s LiDAR
One of the new hardware features that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 is a LiDAR scanner. This is meant to help with augmented reality as well as helping the iPhone’s camera better autofocus especially in dimly-lit environments. It’s not necessarily a feature that we can “feel”, but TikTok is hoping to change that.

This Is What macOS Could Look Like In Augmented Reality
With rumors suggesting that Apple’s augmented reality glasses could launch as soon as this year, we’re sure that many are wondering what the future could look like for iOS and macOS devices with AR being more in focus. Thanks to 24-year-old designer Dominik Hofacker, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

Apple To Release An Augmented Reality Device This Year
For a while now, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on their own pair of augmented reality (AR) based smart glasses. In fact, it has even been suggested that such a device could launch as soon as this year, which analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is reasserting in his latest report to investors.