Articles about Augmented Reality (AR)

OnePlus Will Be Launching Its New Smartphone Using Augmented Reality
According to the rumors, OnePlus was said to be working on a new mid-range smartphone. It turns out the rumors were right and according to an announcement by OnePlus, they will be officially revealing the handset, known as the OnePlus Nord, on the 21st of July through augmented reality.

Google’s Interest In AR Headsets Could Still Be Very Much Alive And Well
Several years ago, Google surprised everyone with the announcement of Google Glasses, complete with a fancy introduction video that was honestly, impressive. However, while the tech and concept was impressive, it failed to catch on in the mainstream, and as such, the project was eventually killed off for the most part.

You Can Soon Interact With Apple’s Devices Without Touching The Display
It seems that in the near future, users of Apple’s devices will soon be able to interact with them without necessarily having to touch it. This is thanks to Apple’s updated Vision framework in which starting in iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, developers will be able to update their apps to detect things like gestures, hand poses, and the human body.

Apple Reportedly Worked On Two Different Headsets
If the word on the street is to be believed, Apple is apparently working on some kind of wearable headset. Exactly what they might be working on is unclear, but thanks to a new Bloomberg report, it seems that the Cupertino company was working not just on one headset, but apparently two.


Bose Calls It Quits On Its Augmented Reality Efforts
When you think of Bose, you might think of the company that makes headphones. However, in the past couple of years, Bose has expanded on what they do and dipped their toes into augmented reality with a pair of smart glasses. Unfortunately, it seems that the company has decided not to pursue the tech any further.

Apple’s AR Headset Could Auto-Adjust For People With Prescription Lenses
The problem with wearables like smart glasses is that it is under the assumption that the wearer has perfect vision and does not need to wear either prescription glasses or contact lenses. Given that glasses are also a way for people to express themselves in terms of fashion, it would be near impossible for a company to create a wearable that would please everyone.

Amazon Turns To AI And AR To Help Its Warehouse Workers Socially Distance
To combat the spread of the coronavirus, many health experts around the world have advised people to practice social distancing. This means that people should stand at a distance away from each other to prevent the virus from transmitting, or at least make it a bit more difficult for it to find a new host.

Google Turns To Augmented Reality To Help With Social Distancing
Last month, Snapchat launched a new lens that used augmented reality to help users get a better idea of how far apart people should stand away from other people with regards to social distancing. The idea is that by standing a certain distance away from others, it reduces the chance of the coronavirus spreading.

Apple Glasses Could Also Be Available In A ‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition’
The other day, a plethora of Apple Glasses related rumors leaked. This included some of the glasses’ features, price, and design, but now according to a new leak by Jon Prosser, he revealed on the Cult of Mac podcast that apparently Apple could be planning what he calls the “Steve Jobs Heritage Edition” glasses.

Massive Apple Glasses Leak Reveals A Ton Of New information
There have been many rumors surrounding the much-anticipated Apple Glasses.  This is because it represents a brand new product category for Apple, and one that has admittedly not exactly fared too well commercially in the past. Whether or not Apple will be able to pull it off while others have failed remains to be seen, but here’s what we know so far.

New Rumor Claims Apple’s AR Glasses Will Launch In 2021, Not 2022
The other day, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple’s AR glasses will most likely not be revealed until 2022 at the earliest. Given Kuo’s near impeccable track record when it comes to reporting on Apple’s unannounced plans, this was probably as close as we could have gotten to an official confirmation of sorts.

Apple’s AR Glasses Will Launch In 2022 At The Earliest
Apple’s interest in augmented reality technology is pretty well-known, but the company is expected to take things one step further by releasing a brand new product based on the technology. This is expected to come in the form of a pair of smart glasses that would be akin to what Google had attempted in the past.

OnePlus Will Let You Unbox The OnePlus 8 Using Augmented Reality
Thinking about getting your hands on the recently announced OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro? We know that some of you can’t wait to get the device and unbox it for yourself, but the good news is that if you’re stuck at home waiting for it to arrive, or if you’re simply curious, you can actually go ahead and use augmented reality to unbox the phone.

Leaked iPhone 12 Image Shows Off Alleged LiDAR Scanner
According to a rumor, it seems that one of the features we can expect from the 2020 iPhone is a “world facing” 3D camera. This is because a camera that is said to help provide a more accurate augmented reality experience thanks to additional hardware features. Now thanks to a leaked image, it seems to have confirmed that.