Apple’s 2020 iPad Pros Could Come With 3D Sensors

We know that Apple has been dabbling in the realm of augmented reality for a while now. In fact, in the next few years, if the rumors are true, the company could actually be planning on launching an AR/VR headset with a pair of lightweight AR glasses coming in 2023. However, it seems that we could get a taste of what’s to come in 2020.

Apple’s AR Headset Might Have Been ‘Delayed’ To 2021 Or 2022

We have been hearing for a long time now that Apple is working on an augmented reality (AR) headset. When exactly that device will launch is up for debate, although recently we have heard that Apple could be close where it could launch in 2020. This is according to notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has in the past proven to be very accurate with his predictions.

Apple Reportedly Partnering With Valve For Its AR Headset

For a while we have been hearing the rumors that Apple could be working on an augmented reality headset. In fact, according to the predictions of a very well-connected analyst, it seems that 2020 could actually be the year that we see such a headset debut from the Cupertino company.

Google’s Pixel 4 Packaging Comes With A Hidden AR Surprise

While it looks like Google could be done on the virtual reality front, it seems that the company is still very much interested in augmented reality (AR), so much so that according to a report from 9to5Google, it has been revealed that the packaging of the Google Pixel 4 actually comes with a hidden AR Easter Egg surprise.


Analyst Predicts Apple’s AR Headset Will Launch In 2020

For a while now we have been hearing rumors that Apple could be looking to launch an augmented reality (AR) headset. How true that is remains to be seen, but Apple’s interest in AR is pretty well-known, having launched features on iOS that takes advantage of the technology while also acquiring companies specializing in the tech.

Instagram To Use AR To Help Boost Its Shopping Platform

Instagram had initially started as a platform for users to share photos with each other, but it has since grown to become more than just that. It has become a platform where businesses can use it to announce upcoming products or services, and in some instances, even allow users to shop on it.

Missed That Hot Sneaker Drop? GOAT’s AR Feature Will Let You ‘Try’ Them On

For a lot of us, shoes are meant to be worn and to protect our feet or used for specific purposes like running, hiking, and so on. However, the sneakerhead community has changed the way we look at shoes, where shoes have become a hot commodity where some collect sneakers just for the sake of collection and not to wear.

IKEA’s Place Augmented Reality App Gets An Upgrade

If you’ve ever wondered what a piece of furniture looks like in your home before you buy it, you might be familiar with the fact the Swedish furniture maker, IKEA, has an app called “Place” that uses augmented reality (AR) to help overlay furniture from the company’s catalogue into your room.

Facebook To Develop AR Smart Glasses With Ray-Ban

We knew that Facebook was already working on developing augmented reality glasses as one of its key research tasks on AR/VR. However, there has been no significant progress with that line of work, until now.CNBC reported that Facebook is looking for a partnership with Ray-Ban’s parent company Luxottica. With their help, Facebook can complete the project codenamed ‘Orion’ and make the smart glasses available for consumers between 2023 to 2025 […]

iOS 13 Seemingly Confirms Apple’s Plans For An AR Headset

For a while now we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on an augmented reality headset. Now in a tweet by 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, it seems that there has been evidence discovered in iOS 13 that makes reference made to Apple’s AR headset. This is further confirmed by developer Steve Troughton-Smith who found a “read me” file that talks about stereo AR apps that can be “worn”.

Marvel Dimension Of Heroes Comes To Lenovo’s Mirage AR Platform

In the past, we have seen Lenovo team up with Disney to launch the Star Wars: Jedi Challenge which allowed gamers to take on the role of a Jedi where through the use of augmented reality (AR) and the Mirage AR headset, it created an immersive gaming experience. Now it looks like Lenovo and Disney’s partnership will be extending to Marvel.

Code Within iOS 13 Suggests That Apple Is Testing Its AR Headset

According to the rumors that have persisted for years, word on the street has it that Apple could be working on a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses, where some predict that the device could actually be making its way into the market in 2020. It’s starting to look like that could be the case.

More Details Emerge About Apple’s Upcoming Tile-Like Tracking Accessory

We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on a Tile-like tracking accessory of their own. Recently, it was revealed that one of the possible features of the tracker is augmented reality, although how exactly this works remains to be seen. Now thanks to additional information from MacRumors, we have learnt more details about the device.

Apple’s Tile-Like Tracker Could Come With Augmented Reality Features

According to a rumor from earlier this year, it has been suggested that Apple could be working on a new accessory similar to the Tile tracker. For those who are unfamiliar, the Tile tracker is a small Bluetooth accessory that you slip into a bag or hang off a keychain. It has been designed to help users keep track of their items using their phones.