AR ‘Flight Simulator For Surgeons’ Makes Training More Accessible

Thanks to technology, long gone are the days where in order to train your staff, you’d sit them down in lectures and make them watch training videos. We’ve seen how companies such as Walmart are using virtual reality to train their employees, while other companies such as Google think that using augmented reality (AR) is another way to go.

Adidas Will Use Augmented Reality To Sell Sneakers

Pokemon GO is an excellent example of using augmented reality (AR) for games, but companies such as Adidas are hoping to use the technology to help sell it sneakers, some of which are limited edition in nature and has been notoriously known for being incredibly difficult to get.

Woojer’s Ryg Haptic Vest Will Let You Feel Your Games

When we play games, we typically rely on two of our senses: sight and sound. However Woojer is hoping that touch will be part of our gaming experience as the company has since launched the Ryg haptic vest on Kickstarter, where it appears to have been a success and managed to shoot past its $50,000 goal in a few hours.

Pixel 3 In Japan To Get Exclusive Cases With AR Support

Phone cases are pretty straightforward and for the most part they’re meant to protect our phones from getting scratched, and in many cases they’re also used to show off a bit of our own personality based on the style of the case and design that we’ve chosen. However in Japan, Google is trying to make a case more than just a case.


Apple Reportedly Acquired A Visual Effects Company Last Year

Apple acquires companies from time to time, as per their boilerplate statement they issue whenever such acquisitions come to light. However it seems that many missed an acquisition that took place nearly a year ago where it is now being reported that Apple had bought a visual effects company in December 2017.

Facebook Interested In Developing AR Chips

It appears that Facebook is interested in developing its own chips for augmented reality solutions. Several job postings have been spotted which reveal that the company is hiring engineers who will be tasked with designing custom augmented reality chips. The job postings have been advertised by a group inside the company called Facebook Reality Labs which was previously known as Oculus Research. Oculus is the VR company that Facebook acquired […]

No TrueDepth Cameras For 2019’s iPhones

One of the features introduced in last year’s iPhone X is the TrueDepth camera system which is used by Face ID to authenticate users amongst other things. We have also seen how some companies have taken advantage of its more advanced sensors for augmented reality, which has some wondering if the system could find its way to the rear-facing camera as well.

eBay Experiments With Head Tracking For Hands-Free Shopping

A lot of us take certain actions we do everyday for granted, such as swiping up and down, left and right on our phones, tapping on buttons, and so on. However there might be some who are disabled who might find such simple actions to be difficult or impossible. However eBay is hoping to change that with an experiment called HeadGaze.

Apple Could Be Looking To Hire A Neuroscientist For Its AR Headset

Apple’s interest in creating an augmented reality (AR) headset is probably one of the company’s worst-kept secrets. Apart from the rumors, the company has been going about hiring and buying up companies that could help their progress in developing such a device. In fact a recent job listing by Apple points towards that.

Apple’s Next AR Application Could Be For Apple Maps

Apple’s love for augmented reality (AR) has been well-documented. In fact just recently it was reported that Apple had acquired a company that makes lenses for AR headsets, fueling the rumors that Apple could be making their own AR headset. Now it looks like we are seeing more of how Apple could apply AR to the rest of its products and services.

Apple Acquires A Company That Makes Lenses For AR Glasses

Apple’s interest in augmented reality (AR) is pretty well known, and so far their efforts have largely been relegated to mobile through apps and features found in iOS. However if the rumors are to be believed, Apple is said to be developing its own AR glasses/headset, and now it looks like the company’s latest acquisition is only serving to fuel those rumors.

Acer OJO 500 Mixed Reality Headset Launched

There is virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and to date we have seen various companies attempt to develop software and create device for either (or sometimes both). However there is a subset also known as mixed reality which Microsoft has attempted to pursue with its HoloLens headset.

Ariana Grande’s Snapchat Lens Lets You Try On Merchandise

Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have their place in the world, but when it comes to real-world usage, that’s where it’s hard to argue that AR might have an edge. In fact Snapchat is doing a good example of proving just that by launching a new Snapchat Lens together with musician Ariana Grande that will let fans try on her merchandise before buying it.

Apple’s AR Glasses Set For 2020 Launch

The concept of smart glasses aren’t new and companies such as Google have attempted them in the past with the Google Glass. It didn’t really take off the way Google intended, but Apple is reportedly planning something of their own which according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is set for a launch in 2020.