Articles about Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple’s AR Glasses Could Tell You How Fresh Your Food Is
Can you tell at a glance how fresh your food is? Sometimes it might be obvious when you smell something really funky, or if there are black or white spots growing on a piece of fruit, but other times, it isn’t always that clear. However, Apple is hoping to solve this problem with their AR glasses.

TSMC Will Reportedly Supply Apple Micro OLED Displays For The Apple Glasses
There have been rumors for a while now that Apple could be developing its own pair of smart glasses, which at the moment has been nicknamed the Apple Glasses. Now according to a new report from Nikkei, they are reporting that TSMC will apparently be the one to supply Apple with the micro OLEDs that will be used in the glasses.

Apple’s AR Glasses Might Be Able To Tell When You’re Distracted
When Google launched their Google Glasses years ago, it was a rather exciting time, but ultimately the project kind of fizzled. Now it seems that Apple could be interested in picking up the mantle with their own set of AR glasses, but the question is, what kind of features might it pack to make it stand out from what came before it?

Apple Could Launch A VR Headset Ahead Of Their AR Glasses
When it comes to reality-based devices, Apple has typically leaned more towards augmented reality (AR) while the competition, like Valve and Facebook, has focused more on virtual reality (VR). However, it seems that Apple could have had a change of heart because a report from Bloomberg claims that the company could debut its own VR headset as early as next year.


Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses Replaces 5 Monitors
Lenovo is going deeper into Augmented Reality (AR) applications with its new A3 Smart Glasses, which target business travelers, says Lenovo.Much has been said about what AR could do in the consumer space. In reality, all the money has been going to industrial and business applications, and that trend will continue in the short-term.For AR to gain consumer acceptance, it needs to be affordable, inconspicuous, and offer phone-like battery life. […]

Apple’s AR Glasses Might Only Enter Production In 2022
If you were hoping to see Apple’s AR glasses launch this year, you might be disappointed because according to a report from DigiTimes (paywall), it seems that Apple might only begin production of the wearable in the first quarter of 2022 at the earliest.

TikTok’s Latest Update Takes Advantage Of The iPhone 12’s LiDAR
One of the new hardware features that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 is a LiDAR scanner. This is meant to help with augmented reality as well as helping the iPhone’s camera better autofocus especially in dimly-lit environments. It’s not necessarily a feature that we can “feel”, but TikTok is hoping to change that.

This Is What macOS Could Look Like In Augmented Reality
With rumors suggesting that Apple’s augmented reality glasses could launch as soon as this year, we’re sure that many are wondering what the future could look like for iOS and macOS devices with AR being more in focus. Thanks to 24-year-old designer Dominik Hofacker, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

Apple To Release An Augmented Reality Device This Year
For a while now, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on their own pair of augmented reality (AR) based smart glasses. In fact, it has even been suggested that such a device could launch as soon as this year, which analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is reasserting in his latest report to investors.

Apple’s Rumored AR Glasses Could Also Double As Prescription Glasses
The problem with augmented reality headsets is that it assumes the wearer can see perfectly and does not need to wear prescription glasses. This would hinder the adoption of such devices as there are many people in the world who wear prescription glasses, but it seems that this is something Apple is hoping to solve.

Apple Uses Augmented Reality To Remotely Guide Technicians In China
One of the alleged reasons why Apple’s iPhones launched later this year compared to the previous years is because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is because Apple’s engineers are said to typically make frequent trips to the various suppliers and manufacturers in parts of the world, such as China, to test prototypes and ensure things are working as intended.

Apple Looking To Make Its AR Glasses More Durable
If you’re someone who wears prescription glasses, you know how easy they are to get dirty and damaged. This is going to pose a problem for companies like Apple who are rumored to be making their own augmented reality smart glasses, which we imagine will run into similar issues as prescription glasses.

Samsung And Stanford Have Created A 10,000 DPI Display
When we talk about pixel density, there is the argument that when it comes to smartphones, it stops being as relevant at a certain point or resolution. This is because at the distance we typically hold our phones, our eyes stop noticing how sharp certain things are, like the difference between a 720p display on a 5-inch smartphone and a 1080p display on a 5-inch smartphone.

Apple Could Be Tapping Sony For Its Smart Glasses Displays
Word on the street has it that Apple is working on a pair of augmented reality based smart glasses. When exactly this will be released remains to be seen, but it seems that Apple could be working on securing suppliers for their device, and a new report is claiming that Apple is looking at Sony as one of them.

Apple’s AR Glasses Could Allow Users To Compare Products Side-By-Side
One of the joys of shopping online is that you can easily and quickly compare prices. Say you  walk into a store and you see an item you like but it feels a bit too expensive. All you need to do is pull up your phone, type in the name of the product, and you should be able to find alternative retailers and prices.

The US Army Is Putting AR Goggles On Dogs
You know those cool heads-up displays we typically see in sci-fi or action movies? Turns out that the US army wants them too, and it seems that they have already implemented something similar. However, it appears that soldiers won’t be wearing these goggles, instead it looks like military dogs will be given them instead.

Apple’s Smart Glasses Could Beam Images Directly To Your Pupils
Headsets for virtual reality setups tend to be bulky because of the displays that they put inside of them. However, it seems that Apple might have an idea for a VR/AR headset that could in theory be more compact as the company is toying with a slightly different idea on how to allow users to see the images or videos in the headset.

Pac-Man Geo Wants To Take Pac-Man Into The Real World
Pac-Man is arguably one of the most iconic arcade games in existence, and while it has undergone various iterations over the years, we think the latest version could be a rather interesting one. Dubbed Pac-Man Geo, this is a new game announced by Bandai Namco that takes Pac-Man into the real world through the use of augmented reality.

Apple TV+ Could Start Featuring Augmented Reality Content Next Year
It is hardly a secret that Apple is a massive fan of augmented reality (AR) tech, so much so that according to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that the company could be looking to incorporate AR content into its Apple TV+ video streaming service starting in 2021.

Apple’s AR Glasses Could Turn Any Surface Into A Touchscreen
One of the things Apple does really well is how they integrate their products with each other. While you could own an iPhone and run a Windows computer, owning a Mac computer would unlock certain features like AirDrop and Continuity. This is why we can’t say we’re surprised at the discovery of this latest patent for Apple’s AR glasses.