Rovio Launches New Augmented Reality Angry Birds Game

Back in the day having Angry Birds available on your mobile platform was a big deal. These days the franchise is nowhere as popular as it once was, but it seems that Rovio is continuing to push it. The company, together with Resolution Games, has launched a new Angry Birds title in the form of Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs.

Vuzix Unveils M400 Smart Glasses Aimed At Enterprise Users

Smart glasses have yet to break into the mainstream. Google had several years ago attempted to bring smart glasses to the mainstream with the Google Glass, but we all know how that turned out. However what was interesting is that despite it failing to become a hit with consumers, it actually proved to be a hit in the enterprise sector.

LEGO Playsets Get Hi-Tech With Augmented Reality

Some of the LEGO playsets are actually pretty advanced as far as toys for kids are concerned. However it seems that the company is looking to make their sets even more hi-tech by introducing augmented reality to them where with its Hidden Side sets, they will be allowing players to “catch” ghosts using AR.

Warby Parker’s New AR System Lets You Try Glasses Virtually

Online glasses company Warby Parker has developed a new Virtual Try-On tool which will enable its customers to try on glasses virtually. They will be able to see the color, texture, and size of the glasses on offer, provided that they have an iPhone X, XS or XR. That’s because this feature has been developed using Apple’s ARKit and relies on the company’s TrueDepth camera technology.


This App Lets You Try Shoes And Walk Around With Them Using AR

The problem with shopping for clothing online is that you never really know how it will look like on you. Sure, you can imagine what it could look like, but imagining it and how it actually looks are two very different things. This is made worse when it comes to buying shoes, some of which can end up being costly mistakes.

Some LG Handsets Are Having Autofocus Problems In AR

Augmented reality (AR) is something that we’re starting to see more handset makers include in their devices and software. It does seem to be more popular than VR at the moment due to the fact that you don’t need an extra headset, making it a lot more practical. Unfortunately for some LG devices, it seems that they are running into some issues with it.

Apple Was Reportedly Shopping About For AR At CES 2019

Apple’s interest in augmented reality technology is no secret. Quite a bit of it has been built into iOS, and Apple has also worked with various companies and developers to create augmented reality-based apps. There have also been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually be in the process of building their own AR headset.

Snapchat Lenses Can Now Recognize Dogs

Snapchat’s Lenses features works with human faces and we’re sure that there are some who have tried using it with their pets. Last month the company added support for recognizing cats, but if you’re more of a dog person, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest update to Snapchat has introduced Lenses for dogs.

Apple Patent Hints At AR Version Of Apple Maps

We know that Apple loves its augmented reality (AR) tech, and there have even been rumors that the company could be looking to develop its own AR headset. So much so that we can’t say we’re surprised that Apple is exploring more ways of integrating AR into its other products and services, such as Apple Maps.

Mall of America Launches Interactive Holographic Elf For The Holidays

It is not uncommon for malls to decorate themselves heavily for the holiday season. Some even pride themselves for winning competitions for having the best decorations, and for this year’s holidays, the Mall of America has teamed up with VNTANA to debut a holographic elf that can be interacted with by the mall’s shoppers.

Google Uses Augmented Reality To Put An Art Gallery In Your Pocket

If you love art then you know that there are many art galleries in the world that you definitely need to visit. Unfortunately due to time and financial constraints, not all of us can afford to travel the world and visit all the famous art galleries, but this is where Google wants to help by launching a new feature called the Pocket Gallery.

AR Used To Help The Blind Navigate Their Surroundings

You would think that technologies such as augmented or virtual reality can’t really be utilized by those who might be visually impaired. However it seems that researchers at Caltech are proving us wrong by taking advantage of augmented reality (AR), a wearable headset like the Microsoft HoloLens, and software that helps the blind “see”.

This Tattoo Generates An Augmented Reality Sonic The Hedgehog Game

Augmented reality tech is pretty cool. We’ve seen how it has been successfully utilized in games such as Pokemon GO, and how its use has also help create new experiences for shoppers, where the use of AR technology allows shoppers to “try” an item before buying it, whether it be clothes, glasses, or even furniture.

Future Animojis Could Add Sound Effects Based On Your Expression

One of the novel features that Apple showcased with the iPhone X that leveraged the TrueDepth camera system was Animoji. These are basically avatars whose eyes, mouth, and tongue can move in accordance to the face that the user is making. For the most part it is rather seamless, but one thing it lacks is sound effects.