UC Technology has unveiled what they call a Tweeting Sensor, where it is a device that will post temperature and humidity data to Twitter at regular intervals, allowing you to check on it remotely on Twitter through various means including a smartphone, tablet or computer. Basically, the Tweeting Sensor was explained this way, “You connect this device to the Internet and plug in the AC adapter. You can also connect a slave unit, so you have a wireless sensor that measures temperature, humidity, and sunshine. This sensor makes the wireless connection automatically, and sends its data each time. The connection range is about 40 m, but if you want to make measurements even further away, there’s a relay unit as well. That’s used by plugging it into a wall socket and it extends the range to 60 m.”

Should the wireless sensor post temperature, humidity, and sunshine data every 60 seconds, it is able to do so for around a year on a trio of AA batteries – which means battery change or maintenance should be done yearly, and you need not go out to purchase rechargeables just for this since disposables would be just as convenient. Sounds like the perfect add on to manage temperature in locations like wine cellars or food warehouses. The basic unit has been slapped with a $520 (after conversion) price tag, with UC Technology targeting an annual sales figure of 10,000 units.

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