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Scientists Want To Use Twitter To Discover The Origins Of COVID-19
At the moment, there is still a lot of debate on where the COVID-19 virus might have originated from. At the start of the pandemic, it was widely-believed that it might have come from a market in Wuhan, China, but later several different theories were floated suggesting that it might have been around much earlier than that, and it might have come from outside of China.

Twitter Launches Birdwatch To Help Combat Fake News And Misinformation
Fake news and misinformation is a huge problem as some people do not necessarily bother reading or putting in the extra effort in researching before they share an article. This means that even if the person did not have the intention to spread fake news, it still happens all the same, and this is an issue that social media platforms have been trying to fix.

Twitter Thinks They Understand Your Sense Of Humor
The internet is full of all kinds of information. Some of it, like the news, can be a bit depressing when you hear about all the bad things happening around us, which is why every now and then, it might not be a bad idea to have a good laugh or two. Twitter thinks that they can help by trying to surface tweets it thinks you might find funny.

Twitter Will Be Shutting Down Its Periscope Standalone App
Back in 2015, Twitter acquired Periscope which allowed users to create their own livestreams and share it on the social network’s platform. However, fast forward to today, it seems that Twitter has decided that they have integrated Periscope into its platform deeply enough where maybe there is no longer a need for a standalone app.


Twitter Could Be Looking Into Launching Video Calls Next
Twitter is probably best known for being a microblogging platform, where the goal is less about one-on-one chats and more about sharing your thoughts to the public. However, given how much focus there is these days on video conferencing, it seems that Twitter could be interested in heading down that path.

You Can Now Play The Elder Scrolls On Twitter
Back in the day, choose your own adventure type of games were pretty popular. Basically these games came in the form of books, where a scenario would be laid out in front of you, and then you make a decision and flip to the relevant page. If you’re looking to relive some of that nostalgia, you might want to check out what Bethesda has in store for gamers.

Twitter Rolls Back Its Threaded Replies Feature
Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a new threaded reply feature where replies to a tweet would be threaded similar to other platforms such as Reddit. It was supposed to make it easier to see who commented what, and who is replying to whom. Unfortunately, it seems that the feature was not as well-received as the company had hoped.

Twitter Will Bring Back Its Verification Program Next Year
For years, Twitter ran a verification program that basically “verified” users with a blue check next to their name to indicate that they are who they say they are. This is an important distinction for people who work in the public space like company CEOs, journalists, politicians, celebrities, and so on.

Twitter Will Warn Users When They Like Misleading Tweets
Your online social presence might be more important than you think it is, even if you’re not necessarily anyone famous or an “influencer”. This is because people can see the things you do online and can sometimes make decisions based on that. For example, friends or family members may throw your posts a like or share it just because.

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private
Sometimes you want to share your thoughts and feelings on Twitter without the whole world knowing how you feel, which is why setting your Twitter account to private might be a good idea if you just want to share certain things with friends and the people you know.

Twitter Takes On Instagram Stories With New ‘Fleets’ Feature
Earlier this year, Twitter was revealed to be testing out a new feature called Fleets. For those unfamiliar, Fleets was designed to be a temporary way of posting social media updates, kind of like Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories feature. For those who primarily use Twitter, you might be interested to learn that the feature is now live.

How To Block Someone On Twitter
If there’s someone on Twitter who’s harassing you or sending you unwanted DMs, you can block them and here’s how you can do it.

How To Change Twitter Username
If you’ve had a change of mind regarding your Twitter handle or username, don’t worry because you can change it, and here’s how.

Twitter Will Temporarily Place Some Limitations On Retweets To Fight Misinformation
These days it is incredibly easy to reshare, retweet, or forward a message. The problem with that is that sometimes the information we’re resharing, retweeting, or forwarding could contain false or wrong information, which could then lead to speculation, rumors, and to a certain extent, unrest.

Twitter Testing A Crowdsourcing Method Of Handling Misinformation
For the most part, misinformation handled on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have largely been at the discretion of the platforms themselves, where they typically link themselves with websites that are known to be reliable at sourcing real news and breaking down fake ones.

Twitter’s ‘Read Before You Retweet’ Experiment Is A Success
Earlier this year, Twitter launched an experiment of sorts where on smartphones, whenever a user wanted to retweet a link to an article, they were prompted to open the link and read the article first. This wasn’t mandatory, but the idea behind it is that Twitter wanted users to maybe get a better idea of the article before deciding if they should retweet it.

Twitter Wants To Make Trending Topics Easier To Understand
The world around us is constantly evolving and changing and everyday, there are new things to talk about. Twitter actually does a good job of highlighting those changes with its trending topics feature, which basically highlights certain keywords that happen to be trending at the moment.

Twitter Will Soon Translate Tweets For You
Twitter is used by people all over the world, and as such, tweets can come in many different languages. Generally speaking, tweets made in a particular language are usually targeted towards people who speak that language, but at the same time, we’re sure that some of you might be curious as to what those tweets are saying.

Twitter Could Also Be Interested In TikTok
As TikTok’s owners are racing towards finding a buyer for the company to help it skirt around a potential ban, it would seem that according to a report from The Wall Street Journal that the company has apparently a few other buyers who are interested in the company, one of them being Twitter.

Paid Twitter Subscribers Could Have Access To Special Features
The other day, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the company was looking into possibly creating a subscription model for the social media platform. This comes on the heels of reports that ad revenue is down, and so Twitter is looking at other means of generating revenue, and subscriptions are one of them.