Twitter Testing A Conversation Subscription Feature

If you’ve ever wanted to follow the comments on a Twitter post, you will either need to “heart” the post or comment on it to get notified. This is pretty standard, but at the same time giving a post a “heart” could be seen as endorsing it, and if you’d rather not do that or leave a comment, Twitter might have a new feature in the works that they are […]

US Government Proposes Using Social Media To Catch Disability Fraud

Social media is where we post and share a lot of things, such as status updates, photos, check-ins, and more. Sometimes we end up sharing things that give away more information about us than we would like, and the US government is apparently hoping to capitalize on that by using social media to catch people committing disability fraud.

Twitter Confirms They’re Testing A ‘Hide Tweet’ Feature

Twitter has come under fire in the past over how they seemingly don’t do enough to protect users from abusive users. There have been more than one instance of people, including high profile celebrities, being chased off the platform by trolls who leave behind abusive comments towards them.

Twitter’s Threaded Replies Now Available In Public Beta

Last year it was revealed that Twitter was testing out a new feature in the form of threaded replies. The good news is that if you enjoyed the idea of threaded replies on Twitter, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has rolled out a public beta for the feature where users who are interested can take part in it.


Twitter Appears To Be Testing A ‘News Camera’ Feature

A trend that we’re starting to see social media platforms do these days is to “borrow” features from each other. For example Instagram’s Stories feature is similar to Snapchat’s own Stories features. According to a recent discovery by researcher Jane Manchun Wong (via CNET), Twitter could also be thinking of borrowing some features from Snapchat.

Twitter Discovered To Not Be Deleting Direct Messages For Years

When you delete your private direct messages on Twitter, it is safe to assume that many would probably assume that they are deleted for good. As it turns out it might not be the case. In a report from TechCrunch, it has been discovered that Twitter actually holds onto old and deleted direct messages for years.

Twitter Could Consider Implementing A ‘Clarify’ Feature

Twitter has been slowly opening themselves up to the idea of introducing an edit feature, and more recently Twitter’s CEO floated an idea of how such a feature could work. However the feature has yet to officially debut and we’re not sure if there are plans to ever do so, but in the meantime Twitter seems to be considering alternatives.

Twitter’s CEO Has An Idea Of How Editing Tweets Might Work

Twitter users have long campaigned for an editing feature, but Twitter has also long resisted the idea claiming that this would ruin the real-time natural of Twitter’s tweets. However in recent times, the company has begun to soften on their stance regarding editing tweets, and more recently Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey shared an idea of how editing a tweet might work.

Twitter Appears To Be Testing An ‘Original Tweeter’ Tag

One of the ways to tell that a tweet isn’t from the person who posted it is to see if they might have retweeted it, which is basically users tweeting another user’s tweets. However in case that wasn’t already obvious, it appears that Twitter is hoping to make it even clearer as they are reported to be testing out a new “original tweeter” tag.

Twitter Testing Out Simpler, Redesigned Website

If you think that the current design of Twitter is a bit too confusing and messy, then you might be interested to learn that Twitter has announced that they have begun rolling out a redesigned website. However this seems to be a test of sorts because Twitter states that not all users will be able to opt-in for this design, meaning that Twitter could still be looking for user feedback […]

Twitter Bug Accidentally Exposes Private Tweets From Years Ago

There is a reason why some tweets are marked as private because there are some users who’d rather not have their tweets made public. Unfortunately according to a recent disclosure from Twitter, it appears that due to a bug, it accidentally exposed private tweets on Twitter for Android from many years ago.

YouTube To Remove Automatic Twitter, Google+ Sharing Tools

If you’re a YouTube creator who uses the platform’s automatic sharing tools to share the videos you’ve uploaded, the bad news is that you will now have two less options in the form of Twitter and Google+. This was revealed by Google on their support page where they stated that automatic sharing on Twitter and Google+ would end at the end of the month.

Twitter Will Now Test Some New Features Publicly

From time to time we hear reports that Twitter could be testing out a new feature. Usually Twitter doesn’t really announce that they are testing something unless someone finds it and they confirm it. However for the most part, these tests are extremely limited to a subset of users, which is a good way for Twitter to test features that won’t impact the majority of its users.

Malware Can Now Be Activated By Memes Posted On Twitter

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great platforms for sharing all kinds of photos, including memes. However according to security researchers at Trend Micro (via TechCrunch), that meme you are laughing at on Twitter might not be so funny once hackers manage to activate malware on your computer without you knowing it.