Twitter CEO Explains The Company’s Stance On Fake News

Fake news can be a dangerous thing, especially in this age of social media where news (whether fake by intention or accidental) can be spread at a click of a button, after which there’s really no stopping it from being seen by hundreds, if not thousands, or even an entire country of people.

Adidas To Live Stream High School Football Games On Twitter

Adidas and Twitter have formed a partnership to launch a new series. It will be live streaming high school football games on the microblogging network. The series will be called Friday Night Stripes and viewers will be able to tune into the high school football games that take place across the United States. The show is going to broadcast Friday night games throughout the regular season from September 7th till […]

Twitter To Suspend Users Who Make Abusive Comments On Life Broadcasts

One of the drawbacks to live broadcasts is that sometimes things can happen that are least expected. We’ve seen many an instance in which a newscaster who is live on location can get heckled by the public or people who want their 15 minutes of fame, and live internet broadcasts are no different where there are some users who spam the comments with abusive things.

Twitter Insists That They Do Not Practice Shadow Banning

Twitter has come under fire once again where recently there have been reports that the company has been “shadow banning” the accounts of conservative political figures. Twitter has since come forward to deny those accusations, claiming that shadow banning is something that they have never practiced.


Twitter Follower Count Will No Longer Include Locked Accounts

Twitter is changing the way the follower count is measured on its platform. The company today confirmed that it will no longer include accounts in publicly posted follower counts that have been locked for bad behavior. The accounts that Twitter locks for violation of its standards remain frozen until the user logs in again and resets their password. Such accounts will no longer be counted as followers of the accounts […]

Twitter Suspended 70 Million Accounts In Just Two Months

Twitter has seriously been clamping down on malicious activity on its platform. It has suspended millions of accounts so far this year and it appears that the company has ramped up its efforts in recent months. A new report claims that Twitter has suspended more than 70 million accounts in the past two months alone.

Twitter Now Supports Logins Using USB Security Keys

Passwords are far from being the most secure way of protecting your online accounts. They are still necessary but nowadays we’re starting to see how passwords are being supplemented with other security features, such as biometrics or two-factor authentication, where a one-time generated code is sent to a verified device like your smartphone.

Twitter To Fight Spam Accounts With Email & Phone Number Verification

Due to the relatively easy nature of signing up for an online account and the creation of an email account, this has led to an increase in spam accounts that were created for marketing/advertising or even malicious purposes. Twitter is well aware that there are tons of spam accounts on their platform, but have announced a new way to fight against it.

Uganda Imposes Social Media Tax To ‘Stop Gossip’

Social media can be used for good or bad. For example we’ve seen instances of how social media can help return a lost pet to its owner, but it can also be used for the bad where we’ve seen how social media can be used to bully others online, creating a mob-like mentality. This is why Uganda thinks imposing a social media tax could be one way to manage it.

Twitter Will Add A Label To U.S. Election Candidates’ Profiles

Twitter wants to make it easier for people to get in touch with election candidates in the United States and it wants to ensure that users are interacting with the real account. This is why Twitter has announced that it will start applying a new label to profiles of election candidates in the United States. The badge will also be displayed below their name on tweets in users’ timelines.

Federal Judge Rules That President Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users

Don’t like what someone is saying on Twitter? The simplest thing to do would be to block them, which is what US President Donald Trump has been doing in which he has been blocking those he deems to be his critics. However it seems that he’s not allowed to do that, according to a Federal judge’s ruling.

Official Twitter Apps For Android TV, Xbox, And Roku Discontinued

Twitter has tried to put an app on almost all platforms in recent years but the company has recently been consolidating its official app lineup to support only those platforms where it sees a lot of engagement from these apps. As such, the company has decided to discontinue the official apps for Android TV, Xbox, and Roku.

Twitter Launches Own Emojis On Android To Deal With Disparity In Updates

The disparity in Android updates amongst Android devices is pretty well-known, resulting in a fragmentation of the Android market where the bulk of Android devices are typically running on updates that are a couple of years old. This makes it challenging for developers to try and create apps that run across all versions, but sometimes it cannot be helped.

Twitter Comes Up With A New Approach On Handling Trolls

Trolls on the internet are a problem because sometimes they steer the conversation to somewhere else detract from the main point entirely. More often than not it is done to rile other people up for no good reason other than for fun. Twitter has been battling abusive behavior on its platform for a while now, and they might have a new approach.