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This Third-Party Twitter App Lets You Undo And Edit Tweets
Many have been asking Twitter to implement the option to edit their tweets or to undo them, but recently, Twitter’s CEO pretty much shot that idea down. This is because Twitter wants users to live in the moment, where tweets act as snapshots of how users feel and what they are thinking about in the moment, and editing tweets kind of takes away that moment.

Twitter Testing Stories-Like Feature Called ‘Fleets’
For now it seems that Twitter isn’t going to allow users to edit their tweets. This means that everything you tweet will be more or less permanent (even if you delete it, there’s a good chance it’s been archived already). According to Twitter, this has created a problem that prevents some users from sharing their thoughts due to the permanency of it.

Twitter Accidentally Verified A Fake Congressional Candidate
One of the goals behind verified accounts on social media platforms is that it lets users know that this is indeed the person that they are interacting with. In a way, that blue checkmark creates a sense of security and sort of guarantees that the person is who they say they are, which can be important for individuals and companies whose voice might carry significant impact.

Twitter Testing Labelling Fake News By Highlighting Them In Orange
Social media platforms aren’t just for sharing photos, these days it is also used to share news. However, the problem with sharing is that sometimes, people don’t do enough research before clicking the share button, which in turn could result in people sharing fake news which could misinform and also cause panic.


Twitter’s CEO Shuts Down The Idea Of An ‘Edit’ Button
Whenever a tweet is made, that’s pretty much it. There is no going back and there is no editing what you tweeted. Sure, you can delete it, but due to the internet archive and also people who are quick to save tweets, especially if you’re someone prolific, there is really no way of completely erasing your tweets once it’s been posted.

Live Photos Can Now Be Uploaded Onto Twitter As GIFs
One of the features Apple introduced back with the iPhone 6s is Live Photos. In case you’re unfamiliar, this is a feature that captures moments before and after a photo is taken, which adds some animation and context to the photo. However, given that Live Photos is kind of a proprietary feature to Apple, not all platforms support the uploading of it.

Twitter Is Testing Reddit-Like Threaded Conversations
If you’ve ever used or looked at Twitter, you know that the social network’s design isn’t exactly the most intuitive, especially when you’re looking at replies and comments on tweets. However, in the past, Twitter has been testing out different ways to approach the conversations that users have on its platform.

Twitter’s Inactive Account Purge Will Only Affect EU Accounts For Now
As you might have heard, Twitter recently announced that they would begin purging inactive accounts next month. This would essentially delete accounts that have not been logged into for the past six months and will also free up a bunch of usernames. However, it seems that this announcement was not as well-received as Twitter had hoped.

Twitter To Begin Purging Inactive Accounts In December
In this day and age, it is not uncommon to find out that someone has a Twitter account. However, if you don’t, we get it, not everyone feels the need to constantly share what’s going on in their life and in their heads all the time, but here’s the thing, if you do have a Twitter account and have not logged in for a while, you might want to do […]

Twitter Now Lets Users Follow Their Favorite Topics
Twitter lets you follow users where you can get updates based on their tweets. However, not everyone posts things that you might be interested in, in which it would then be easier to try and sort news and topics through hashtags. However, the good news is that Twitter will be making some changes on that front.

Saudi Government Reportedly Recruits Twitter Employees To Spy On Its Critics
Social media platforms like Twitter are rife with all kinds of user information, some of which is shared publicly, and some of which is private. If private, then accessing it would be pretty hard unless you’re a Twitter employee, which is what the Saudi Arabia government was counting on when they recruited a couple of Twitter employees to spy on their critics.

Twitter Admits Your Phone Number Could Have Been Used For Targeted Advertising
We’ve always recommended that two-factor authentication be used whenever possible. This is because 2FA is usually thought to be a more secure way of protecting your accounts, even in the event that your username and password might have been compromised. Unfortunately, it seems that if you used 2FA with Twitter, your phone number could have been used for targeted ads.

Twitter Rolls Out Filters To Help Prevent DM Abuse
One of the problems that social media platforms are facing is abuse from users who don’t seem to be able to understand the basic concept of respect, where strangers seem to think that it is okay to send other people nasty and abusive messages. This can ruin someone’s day where they might open their inbox to find a flood of abusive messages from random strangers on the internet.

BBC Teams Up With Tech Giants To Fight Fake News Before It Spreads
While fake news and misinformation isn’t new, in this day and age of social media, it can spread a lot faster than back in the day. This has created a problem and it looks like the BBC will be working with several tech giants to help fight this problem before it spreads too far and impacts too many people.