Twitter Mulling An Edit Feature For Tweets

Made a typo in your tweet? You only have one option. Delete it and start over. Many Twitter users have long called on the microblogging service to provide an edit feature which will allow them to make changes to their tweets after they have been posted. The company’s CEO has now said that Twitter is mulling offering an edit feature.

Twitter Testing Easier Way For Users To Toggle Timelines

When it comes seeing posts on social media, which do you value more? A timeline based on chronological order or one based on relevancy? There are arguments to be made for either, but Twitter has announced that they are now testing a new way for users to easily toggle between different timeline modes.

Twitter’s Removal Of Its ‘Like’ Button Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

There are several ways that you can interact with tweets. You can retweet a tweet, you can comment on it, and you can “Like” it. However Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey had previously admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the “Like” button and was planning on getting rid of it “soon”, according to a report from The Telegraph.

Twitter Will Let Users Know When Tweets Are Removed For Violations

There are times when you come across a tweet but only to discover that maybe an hour later it has disappeared. There could be many reasons for this, such as the user themselves deleting it, or it could be possible that the tweet might have been deleted for violating Twitter’s guidelines.


Twitter Confirms And Fixes Random Notification Bug

If in the past few hours you’ve started receiving notifications from Twitter that looks like a jumble of alphabets and numbers, don’t worry about it as it does not mean that your account or Twitter has been hacked. It turns out that this was simply a bug that Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed that they have since fixed.

Twitter For iOS Adds ‘Data Saver’ Feature

All mobile apps that require a connection to the internet will consume data, but exactly how much data varies from app to app, and how you use it. For example sending text messages through WhatsApp is definitely less data intensive compared to apps such as YouTube where tens, if not hundreds, of megabytes can be consumed in minutes.

Twitter Bug Exposed Direct Messages To Third-Party Developers

Twitter has begun informing users about a bug that exposed private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The company started informing users over the weekend about this bug that revealed direct messages to third-party developers. The company says that its investigation into the issue is ongoing.

Twitter Bringing Back Chronological Timeline

If you used Twitter prior to 2016 you would remember that the timelines used to be in a non-algorithmic, reverse-chronological order. It decided to shift to an algorithmic timeline in 2016 with “In case you missed it” roundups and suggested tweets based on what it thought you might want to catch up on when you were away from Twitter. Many Twitter users didn’t like this change so they will appreciate […]

Live Streams Will Take Center Stage On Your Twitter Timeline

Twitter has really been pushing live broadcasts and streams on its platform so it’s not surprising to see that the company has decided to give them prime real estate in all of its users’ timelines. Twitter has confirmed that from now on, live broadcasts and streams from accounts that users follow will show up at the very top of their timeline, meaning that it would be the first thing that […]

You Can Watch Apple’s 2018 iPhone Event Live On Twitter

Apple normally streams its annual September event on its own website and it’s going to do that this year as well but with a twist. This is the first time that the company will be streaming the event live on Twitter as well. You will be able to stream the 2018 iPhone event on Twitter tomorrow.

Twitter Claims They Are Fighting Off 500,000 Bots A Day

The presence of bots on social media is a pretty common sighting and you will see them pop up every now and then. The purpose of these bots will vary, with some designed to be scams, while others are designed to be used to push ads and spam users with marketing messages, but safe to say that these bots are definitely not welcome.

Twitter Bug Is Showing Unwanted Tweets On The Timelines Of Users

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter let users choose who they want to follow. This means that what you see on your timeline and feed should pretty much be from people or brands that you have explicitly chosen to follow. So you can imagine the surprise of some users who discovered tweets on their timeline that are unwanted.

Twitter Testing Threaded Replies, Online Status Indicator

These days threaded conversations are a popular design. Back in the day, especially with text messages and comments, each post would get its own space, and usually that was a problem because it takes away the context (or at least makes it less obvious). Strangely enough this was still part of Twitter’s design, at least until now.

Twitter Is Now Recommending Accounts To Unfollow

If you’ve been using social media for a while now, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, chances are over the years you’ve followed more profiles, pages, brands, and so on that you might actually forget who you have followed. Now it looks like Twitter is testing out a new feature in which they will actually recommend users which accounts to unfollow.