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How To Schedule Tweets (Like A Pro)
Twitter recently rolled out a new feature for the web that allows you to schedule your tweets, so here’s how you can take advantage of that feature.

Twitter Will Add Accessibility Support For Its Voice Tweets Feature
A couple of days ago, Twitter announced that they would be rolling out a new feature in the form of audio tweets. Similar to how people send voice messages, audio tweets would basically let people record their voice and upload it as a tweet, giving users more ways to express themselves that the written word might not.

Twitter Will Now Let Users Post Audio Tweets
Sending voice messages isn’t a new thing and we’ve seen it done before on various messaging apps, but it seems that voice tweets is something that will be coming to Twitter as well. The company has announced that they are introducing a new way for users to post tweets where they will be able to upload tweets as voice notes.

Twitter Could Be Testing Emoji Reactions To Tweets
Several years ago, Facebook rolled out a new reaction feature for users to interact with posts. With these reactions, instead of merely liking a post, users could choose from a handful of different emojis to better allow them to express how they feel about a post without actually having to comment on it.


EU Wants Facebook And Twitter To Give Monthly Reports On How They Fight Fake News
Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter did previously announce that they have implemented a variety of measures to combat fake news. This includes slapping warning labels, adding links to verified and reputable sources, and so on, but how much of this actually helps or works?

Twitter Now Suggests Users Read Articles Before Sharing It
It is easy to spread fake news and misinformation by mistake. This is because sometimes headlines can be misleading, or people just don’t bother to read and just click share, leading them to share wrong information. To help prevent the spread of fake news and these types of misinformation, Twitter will be making some changes when it comes to sharing.

Twitter For The Web Rolls Out The Ability To Schedule Your Tweets
The thing with social media is that it is very easy to share your thoughts, especially in the heat of the moment. But words once said can never be taken back, which is why Twitter is now giving users the opportunity to schedule their tweets. This means that if you want to take some time before tweeting, you can write it up first and schedule it for later.

Twitter Testing Allowing Users To Choose Who Can Reply To Their Tweets
One of the upsides to public social media platforms like Twitter is that you can engage pretty much anyone around the world, and create discussions with strangers on the internet. This is obviously a good thing, but it is a double edged sword because it also means that it leaves posts open to trolls and harassment.

Twitter Will Now Allow Employees To Work From Home Indefinitely
The concept of working from home has been slowly gaining traction in the past few years as companies start to realize that maybe being in an office physically is no longer necessary. Now with the coronavirus pandemic and with the majority of people being forced to work remotely, some are arriving at that conclusion faster than before.

Twitter Will Now Start Labeling And Add Warnings To Misleading COVID-19 Content
There is a ton of misleading information out there. Given the current climate where we are all hungry for COVID-19 related news and updates, sometimes this misleading information can cause confusion and unnecessary panic. To help mitigate this, Twitter has announced they will start applying labels and even warnings on tweets that might contain misleading information.

Twitter Introduces Threaded Replies To Make Conversations Easier To See
Twitter’s design can be admittedly confusing for those who are new to the service. This is because unlike other social media platforms, replies to post and comments aren’t threaded, which means that it can be confusing to see if it is a comment made directly to the original post, or a reply to a comment.

Twitter Is Looking To Test A Think-Before-You-Tweet Feature
Earlier this year, Twitter’s CEO pretty much shut down the idea of introducing an edit button to tweets. This is because Twitter doesn’t want to remove the spontaneity behind tweets, but it looks like the company is testing out something that will at the very least give users pause before they post their thoughts to the internet.

This Third-Party Twitter App Lets You Undo And Edit Tweets
Many have been asking Twitter to implement the option to edit their tweets or to undo them, but recently, Twitter’s CEO pretty much shot that idea down. This is because Twitter wants users to live in the moment, where tweets act as snapshots of how users feel and what they are thinking about in the moment, and editing tweets kind of takes away that moment.

Twitter Testing Stories-Like Feature Called ‘Fleets’
For now it seems that Twitter isn’t going to allow users to edit their tweets. This means that everything you tweet will be more or less permanent (even if you delete it, there’s a good chance it’s been archived already). According to Twitter, this has created a problem that prevents some users from sharing their thoughts due to the permanency of it.