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You Can Now Share Tweets Directly To Instagram Stories
In the past, if you wanted to share a tweet on Instagram, you would usually need to take a screenshot of that tweet and post it either on your feed or in your Instagram Stories. This is a bit of a long-winded method and you might end up with a bunch of screenshots taking up space on your phone.

Twitter Working On A Feature That Lets You Unmention Yourself
Twitter lets users mention each other in tweets as a way for users to include other users in their conversations or to get their attention. However, this can be annoying and in some cases, could be used for harassment. Oddly enough short of blocking the person who mentioned you, there’s no way to unmention yourself.

Twitter Testing A ‘Change Who Can Reply’ Feature
Right now, Twitter has a few ways of handling replies to tweets. By default, your tweets can be replied to by everyone, but you can also set it so that only people you follow can reply, or people you tag in the tweet can reply. Alternatively, you can also create a private Twitter account that more or less guarantees who can see your tweets and who can reply  to it.

Twitter’s Super Followers Could Be Launching Soon
So last week, Twitter’s subscription service went live. However, it seems that the company isn’t stopping their monetization efforts there. According to a report from researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it appears that the company is gearing up to launch its next paid feature in the form of Super Followers.


Twitter Officially Launches Its Twitter Blue Subscription
Last week, it was revealed that Twitter could be gearing up to launch its new subscription service called Twitter Blue. For those who might have been looking forward to it, you’ll be pleased to learn that Twitter Blue has since been officially launched where at $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD, you’ll be gaining access to a bunch of exclusive features.

Twitter Hits Pause On Its Verification Program After One Week
Last week, Twitter announced that they would be reopening its verification program. However, it seems that about a week after the program reopened, the company has been swamped with requests to the point where they have decided that they will be hitting the pause button on it until further notice.

Twitter Blue Subscription Will Cost $3 A Month
A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Twitter could be working on a subscription service called Twitter Blue and that it could be priced at $3 a month. It looks like those rumors are starting to gain traction and might have even been confirmed by Twitter themselves, as noted by researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Twitter’s Verification Program Is Open Once Again
Following a suspension of their verification program last year, it was recently rumored that the program would be making its return this week. Sure enough, the rumors panned out because Twitter has since announced that their verification program has been relaunched with users being able to submit requests to be verified.

Twitter’s Paid Subscription Could Cost $2.99 A Month
As some of you might have heard, Twitter could be considering a new paid subscription model. For those wondering how much this service could cost, a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong has revealed that it could possibly end up priced at $2.99 a month, and that the service will also be known as Twitter Blue.

Twitter’s Verification Program Could Be Coming Back Next Week
As with most social media platforms, Twitter has a verification feature that basically identifies people on Twitter who might need to have a verified account, like a politician, a company/brand, journalists, researchers, and so on. The idea is that since these accounts are verified, whatever they say that might represent themselves will be more legit.

Twitter Is Testing Out A New Tip Jar Feature That Lets You Send Money
Earlier this year, Twitter announced a new feature called Super Follower that basically lets users create paid tweets that only subscribers can see. It was a way for Twitter to monetize their platform. We had also heard that Twitter could be working on another monetization feature in the form of tipping, and it looks like the rumors were true.

Twitter’s Think Before You Tweet Feature Begins Rolling Out To iOS And Android Users
In the heat of the moment, we can sometimes say things we don’t necessarily mean. In real life, most of the time we can’t take those things back, but it’s a different story online where we can sometimes take the time to decide not to send a message, post a status update on Facebook, or post a tweet online.

Twitter Considered Buying Clubhouse For $4 Billion
Clubhouse is one of the hottest social media apps available at the moment, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that at one point in time, Twitter was actually interested in acquiring the company.  This is according to a report from Bloomberg where they say that Twitter could have spent $4 billion to acquire them.

Periscope Is Now Officially Dead
Back in the day when being able to create a live stream on your mobile device was a new thing, Periscope was one of the more popular options out there, so much so that Twitter decided to spend $100 million to buy the company. However, all good things need to come to an end, and Periscope is one of them.

Twitter Could Be Looking To Introduce Emoji Reactions
One of the features of Facebook is the ability to react to posts. This means that instead of merely “liking” a post, users will be able to react with a laughing emoji, shocked emoji, angry emoji, and so on. This is to allow people to get a better idea of what kind of post this might be. Now it looks like Twitter could be interested in something similar as well.

Jack Dorsey Just Sold His First Ever Tweet For $2.9 Million
Jack Dorsey is known by many to be the CEO of Twitter, and just recently, Dorsey sold his first ever tweet made on the platform for a cool $2.9 million. But wait, how do you sell a tweet? This tweet was sold as an NFT, or a nonfungible token, where according to Dorsey, the proceeds will be converted to bitcoin and then donated to Give Directly’s Africa Response fund.

Twitter Is Now Testing YouTube Integration
Websites and services like Facebook and Twitter obviously would love it if you spent all your time on their platform. The longer you spend, means more ads can be shown, which in turn means more money. However, in Twitter’s case, watching YouTube videos means leaving their website.

Twitter’s Answer To Clubhouse Could Launch This April
Clubhouse appears to be the next hottest thing as far as social media is concerned, which is why it’s not surprising that other companies are also looking to launch something similar. Twitter has been working on something for a while called Spaces, and for those who are curious about it, you might be able to take it for a spin this April.

Twitter Testing A Way For Users To ‘Undo’ The Posting Of Tweets
Many have long begged Twitter to allow them to edit their tweets, but Twitter has pushed back on the idea. However, it seems that Twitter could have some kind of alternative in the works in the form of an undo timer. This basically allows users to recall a tweet after they post it, assuming it was done in the timeframe that they were given.

How To Go Live On Twitter
Did you know that Twitter has a feature that lets you create a live broadcast? If you’re interested in using that feature, here’s what you need to do.