For MacBook Air owners, one of the biggest gripes some might have would be the lack of an optical drive, and not to mention somewhat limited storage capacity. Of course it is a tradeoff where a larger regular hard drive is replaced with a faster (but smaller) SSD, and the lack of optical drive probably helped make the device as thin as it is. However there are times when an optical drive would be necessary, and additional storage is required when you’ve maxed out your 256GB SSD, which is why Velocity Micro has deemed it necessary to launch their VMUltra Drive, an all-in-one companion for notebook/ultrabook users out there.

Basically the VMUltra Drive comprises of a DVD burner, a 2.5” 500GB hard drive, an SD card reader and USB hub all built into a single device. The VMUltra Drive will feature three USB 2.0 ports, which will be a welcome addition for notebook and ultrabook owners who might not be too happy at the lack of USB ports available for their devices. No word on how much Velocity Micro plans to charge for the VMUltra Drive, but it is expected to be made available some time later this year.

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