[CES 2012] I don’t know about you, but with the miniaturization of electronic parts, the remote controlled car that comes up your driveway from a neighboring house or a toy helicopter that makes casual passes through your backyard as you decide to have a little private time might actually be part of Wi-Spi’s collection of devices, where they will sport a built-in video camera that is capable of sending live video signals over to the owner of what it “sees”. A mini Eye of Sauron, so to speak, and far lower resolution compared to what the Dark Lord of Mordor boasts.

Out later this fall, the Wi-Spi video surveillance helicopter will cost you $119.99 as it boasts a 3-channel WiFi flight control and the ability to upload images and video straight to Facebook YouTube and even via email. You will need an iOS or Android-powered device of decent configuration though in order to function as the helicopter’s controller. Obviously, getting the helicopter would offer you far more options than the Wi-Spi Intruder car, as flying across obstacles delivers a bird’s eye view compared to what a snake would normally see while slithering across the ground.

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