Zappos logoBad news for Zappos customers – Zappos has announced that it was the target of a cyber attack that gained access to its internal network and the accounts of its 24 million users. It was mentioned that no credit card numbers were revealed in the breach, but the names, email addresses, phone numbers, last four digits of credit card numbers and encrypted passwords of all of its user’s accounts have been compromised.Zappos has taken precautions by resetting all its customer’s passwords and informing them via email to set a new one when they log back onto the site. As the case with every attack, if you happen to be a Zappos customer, be sure to change your passwords on other sites that are the same as your Zappos account’s password prior to the attack.

There was no mention or news about who was behind the attack, but I suppose it should serve as a wakeup call for other websites and online services that don’t have security as one of their top priorities.

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