[CES 2012] ZOMM’s Lifestyle Connect has debuted at CES 2012, where this tiny little device will be able to let you alert a trusted person from your network of family or friends should you happen to fall into a hole so deep that you cannot dig yourself out of, literally and figuratively. All it takes is a solitary button push, but do not expect help to come that fast as though your mates were part of the Avengers, X-Men or Justice League. As long as your handset has Bluetooth connectivity, the ZOMM Lifestyle Connect will be able to send out that distress signal, and also work to place you in touch with a Personal Safety Concierge around the block.

Should your phone happen to be out of reach, the Lifestyle Connect has a backup – it has an integrated speakerphone so that you can say whatever you want. The 24/7 Personal Safety Concierge feature that we talked about earlier? It will help summon help from the relevant parties depending on where your GPS co-ordinates show. Of course, the Lifestyle Connect is not meant for those who are in need of security detail all the time, since it can also function as your everyday Bluetooth speakerphone. The Lifestyle Connect is able to run for weeks on a full charge, and you can juice it up via USB or a wall adapter when depleted. Place your pre-order now for $199.99 as ZOMM prepares it for a Q2 release. [Product Page]

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