D-CANIt’s been a long time since the form factor for cameras were standardized and since then nobody has really made any attempt to change the way they look. Well, the D-CAN Camera Concept from Jean-michel Bonnemoy aims to change all that. Featuring a cylinder form factor, the D-CAN is said to be ergonomically better for the hand, and significantly reduces volume will still providing all the finite controls professional photographers are used to.

It’s going to be challenging to start snapping photographs with something shaped like a telescope and since cameras no longer need to hold a roll of film in the back, I understand the rationale behind the form factor change. Whether it is the right shape or not, we’ll probably need to try one out before we can come to a conclusion though it’s definitely something to think about.

What do you think about the current form factor for cameras? Should it be changed? Or we shouldn’t fix things that aren’t broken? Hit the source link for more details about the D-CAN camera concept.

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