The showfloor madness at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona that will kick off next week is going to test even seasoned journalists to the maximum, as they select just which press conferences they should attend, and ensure that the amount of coverage they give is comprehensive enough for readers around the globe. Getting an Internet connection there could be a problem – especially if you are not living in Spain itself, as overseas data roaming charges are just incredulous no matter which country you hail from. Having said that, Skype felt that giving away free WiFi would be a nice surprise for folks arriving at MWC – as well as those living in Spain, and with over 24,000 supported wireless hotspots available in the country to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

This offer will be made available from February 26th until March 1st 2012. The 2 hours of free WiFi connection will comprise of a quartet of half hour sessions. To access this free WiFi connection, all you need to do is ensure the latest version of Skype is running on your Windows or Mac device, and look for the ‘Skype WiFi’ hotspot on your device’s WiFi settings, following the instructions after that.

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