Alexa Will Support Skype Calling Later This Year

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices allow users to do all kind of things, ranging from making appointments, setting reminders, checking the news, weather, traffic, and controlling smart home gadgets, just to name a few. However if VoIP calls are something you’d like to see Alexa do, then you might be pleased to learn that Skype calls will be supported by Alexa soon.

Skype Finally Gets A Call Recording Feature

Some might argue that recording calls can be an invasion of one’s privacy, but there are times when a bit of posterity is required, and also there are times like maybe a call session with a loved one could be worth recording as well. Regardless of your reasons, you might be interested to learn that Skype has finally gained that ability.

Microsoft Will Be Redesigning Skype Again, Focusing On Simplicity

It seemed like it wasn’t too long that Microsoft released a new version of Skype where it featured a brand new design. However it looks like Microsoft could be going back to the drawing board again, as announced on the Skype Blog in which Microsoft revealed their plans to redesign the app, this time with a focus on simplicity.

Skype’s Encrypted Private Conversations Feature Is Now Available

At the start of the year, Microsoft announced that they will be rolling out a new feature for Skype in the form of end-to-end encryption with the Private Conversations feature. If this sounded like a feature you were looking forward to, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the feature is now live and available across multiple platforms.


Skype Testing New Texting Feature For PCs

Since a lot of us work on our computers, having to stop halfway to respond to messages on our phones can be distracting and annoying, which is why many messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, and more have desktop counterparts so that we can keep working on our computers without having to switch back and forth.

Upcoming Skype Update Will Let Users Archive Conversations

While Skype has been around for a very long time, it feels that the chat app is lacking features that many other chat apps launched after it have since included. For example read receipts were only recently added, and for an app that was initially marketed for making calls over the internet, call recording was a feature that was only added last month.

Spotify Integration Will Be Coming To Skype

Spotify has been slowly integrating itself into apps, allowing users to search, play, and share music directly in whatever app they’re using, such as Facebook Messenger. Now it looks like Spotify might have found a new home because it has been announced that Spotify integration will soon be coming to Skype.

Microsoft Says That Skype Classic Will Be Sticking Around (For Now)

As companies go through various iterations of their apps, naturally it means an evolution in terms of design and features, and it also means that eventually older versions will stop being supported. Such was the case with Microsoft’s Skype 7.0 (also known as Skype Classic) in which there were plans to stop supporting it.

Skype Finally Gets A Call Recording Feature

You’d think that call recording would be one of the basic features that Skype would offer but that’s not the case. Almost 15 years after the service was first release, a call recording feature has just now been confirmed for Skype and it will be released later this month. Microsoft has confirmed that it’s adding a call recording feature to Skype.

Latest Skype Update Adds Read Receipts

Read receipts are a feature that can be commonly found in messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, iMessage, KakaoTalk, Telegram, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and so on. However for some reason Microsoft has never added the feature to Skype, at least until now in which they are doing so in the latest update to the app.

Microsoft And Apple May Get Skype And FaceTime Ban Lifted In The UAE

Skype and FaceTime are two of the most popular services used across the globe for video calls, however, they have been banned in the United Arab Emirates for many years. Even iPhones that are officially sold in the UAE ship without the FaceTime feature. Both services have been illegal in the country for years but Microsoft and Apple might be able to turn this around at last as they’re now […]

Microsoft To Retire Enterprise Chat Apps For Windows Phone

Microsoft’s efforts at bringing Windows onto mobile has been somewhat stagnant as of late, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft has recently announced that they will be ending support for some Windows Phone enterprise chat apps come 20th May 2018.

Microsoft’s Bans Offensive Language On Xbox Live, Skype

It seems that the next time you use Microsoft’s Xbox Live or Skype services, you’ll want to make sure you check what you say because in an updated policy (via MobileSyrup), it looks like Microsoft wants to cut down on users using offensive language where if a user is caught doing that, they might be suspended or banned from using either service.

Skype Now Lets Users Plan Group Trips With TripAdvisor & StubHub

Planning group trips can be tricky because everyone has an idea of where they want to go, where they want to stay, what they want to do, and more importantly when they are free. The good news is that if you and your friends or family members use Skype, planning group trips has gotten easier.