Interested in wireless mice? Well if you are, this Leaf wireless mouse concept might be worth checking out. Designed by Lu Hairong and Zhang Xuehui and based on what we know about their intentions, it looks like this wireless mouse concept is a self-sustaining one, which means that running low on batteries and having to constantly charge our mouse could be a thing of the past, assuming of course it actually gets put into production.

Yes, it would seem that the designers behind the Leaf wireless mouse concept have envisioned a mouse that powers itself. Basically users move the mouse around, and through that motion and principles of kinetic energy, the mouse is able to keep itself powered. We’re not sure if such a thing is possible, but we do love the idea and it has been touted to be a “green” mouse too due to the lack of a need for batteries.

Beyond that, the Leaf wireless mouse does look pretty sleek and we admit that we love the minimalist design behind it. Who knows, perhaps such a peripheral could actually be put into production and made into reality! Any takers?

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