If you have been following the mobile phone news for a while, you will have noticed that one of the features that most, if not all, Japanese phones offer their users is the One-Seg TV tuner that allows users to watch television shows live from their mobile phones. Unfortunately Apple being Apple did not include such a feature with its iPad or iPhone for the Japanese market, but fret not as Logitec (not to be confused with Logitech) has unveiled the One-Seg Tuner LDT-1Si01 for iOS devices.

The tuner features a retractable antenna which can be adjusted for reception and connects to your iOS device via the 30-pin dock connector. It even sports a micro USB port which you can connect to it and charge your device while watching live television. Subtitles can also be enabled/disabled and television shows can also be recorded, all of which can be done through the accompanying app. If you’re looking to get in on the action, unfortunately it appears that the Logitec One-Seg Tuner LDT-1Si01 is limited to the Japanese market for now and is expected to go on sale mid-February for ¥7,980 (~$103). [Press release]

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