This is starting to resemble a pre-school scenario – Microsoft as well as other firms have banded together to lodge a complain to EU antitrust regulators concerning Google’s social networking tool known as Google+. Granted, Google+ is not exactly as dynamic as Facebook since it is still far from the total number of users compared to the latter, but this particular mass complain might soon poke the EU into action, broadening its ongoing investigation where Google is concerned. As for the nitty gritty concerning the nature of the complaint surrounding Google+, nothing is leaked – unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Even the European Commission has also declined to comment, and Microsoft remained mum, simply stating that they would not be making any statement concerning “rumors or speculation.” It would be interesting to see how things pan out from here, and hopefully whatever surrounds Google+ at this moment will work out the right way sooner rather than later. After all, the social network scene obviously needs someone to keep Facebook on their toes, instead of being a monopoly, so that all users will win.

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