Nabes video sunglassesNabes LLC has been issued a US design patent for its unique video eyewear system that transforms sunglasses into stealth video eyewear. All users need to do is attach the Nabes video eyewear system into compatible glasses, hook it up to their mobile devices like the iPod touch or iPhone, and just enjoy the theater-like entertainment experience with nothing but glasses on. The system is said to weigh only 2 ounces, have WVGA resolution with iOS compsite video, HDMI and USB interfaces on a rechargeable  control box with 4-hours of run time, and stereo in-ear earphones.

No word on exactly when it’ll hit the market, but when it does, it cost under $500. Great for folks who want to use the same pair of glasses for going outdoors and watching video during other occasions. Find out more from the official Nabes website or pre-order a pair from the Kickstarter website now. Watch the video introduction to Nabes video eyewear:

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