Right now, the acronym PIGS seem to be very popular in Europe, denoting the four countries whose economies are in deep trouble – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. I do not suppose that you can always substitute the only vowel in the acronym with Ireland? After all, it is not as though everything in that country is peachy keen either. Having said that, online transactions company PayPal is committed to easing the economy there by growing Ireland’s job count by a cool thousand. Part of eBay’s portfolio, PayPal currently employs around 1,500 people in Dublin and the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. We expect to hear PayPal make an announcement concerning the new jobs today, which will continue to show eBay’s support to transforming Ireland into the “Silicon Valley” of Europe. These 1,000 vacancies will take the course of four years or so to be filled, where most of the positions are expected to be in customer as well as sales support. I guess if you are living in Ireland and are out of a job, you might want to start knocking on PayPal’s doors.

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