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iPhones With Fortnite Installed Are Popping Up On eBay
As most of you would have heard by now, Fortnite has been removed from the iOS App Store. This is due to Epic’s decision to attempt to bypass Apple’s in-app purchase system, which Apple claims is a violation of the terms of service. Epic had stated that those who already downloaded the game can keep playing it, but will not be able to access new content in the future.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Was Almost Ruined When Its Script Ended Up On eBay
Movie scripts are precious because it essentially tells the whole story of the movie. As such, movie studios are very protective of these scripts where in some cases, certain actors are only given parts of the script that are related to them. This helps to prevent leaks and also spoilers as the actor in question won’t know too much about what’s going on.

Facebook’s Libra In Trouble As More Companies Withdraw Their Support
Last week, it was reported that Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency lost one of the companies that initially supported it. This came in the form of PayPal who decided to back out of the cryptocurrency. However, it seems that Libra could be in serious trouble because it looks like more founding companies are withdrawing their support as well.

eBay's Managed Delivery Is Its Own Fulfillment Service For Sellers
eBay today announced plans to launch its own fulfillment service called Managed Delivery. The service will provide sellers with end-to-end packaging and delivery. This could be viewed as an initiative by the company to try and take on Amazon.


Someone's Selling The OG iPod On eBay For $20,000
Apple has, over the years, created a variety of products that has had its share of failures and successes. One of Apple’s biggest success stories which changed the way we listen to music, consumed music, and potentially played a role in the creation of the iPhone, is none other than the iPod.

eBay Picks Up Google Pay Support Next Month
You pretty much only had one payment option when purchasing something from eBay in the past: PayPal. However, things have changed since PayPal starting using a new payment backend that’s powered by Adyen. This allowed eBay to bring support for Apple Pay to its iOS app and the company has now announced that it will support Google Pay on Android and its desktop site starting early next month.

eBay Authentication Service Now Covers Luxury Jewelry
eBay Authenticate is a verification program for luxury goods being sold on the platform. It’s an added layer of protection for the buyer. They can then purchase knowing that the product they’re paying a hefty sum for isn’t a knockoff. eBay has announced that it’s now expanding its Authenticate program to luxury jewelry. The announcement comes ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping season.

eBay's New Smartphone Trade-In Program Offers Instant Payout
eBay is making it easier for people looking to sell their smartphones to receive money for their old device instantly. It has launched a new service today called eBay Instant Selling. The program will enable users to sell their smartphones and get paid instantly with an eBay voucher. This eliminates the need for them to manage the selling process.

eBay Experiments With Head Tracking For Hands-Free Shopping
A lot of us take certain actions we do everyday for granted, such as swiping up and down, left and right on our phones, tapping on buttons, and so on. However there might be some who are disabled who might find such simple actions to be difficult or impossible. However eBay is hoping to change that with an experiment called HeadGaze.

eBay Now Authenticates Luxury Watches On Its Platform
There is obviously an appeal in buying things in real-life at a store, in which you get to see and touch what you’re buying before buying it. It also helps prevent scams, at least for the most. This is versus online where you only have photos to look at, in which you sometimes have to take a chance and hope you don’t get cheated.

Alleged First-Gen iPhone Prototype Spotted On eBay For $30,000
By today’s standards, the tech in the first-gen iPhone is considered to be “ancient”. However it is still a very much talked about smartphone, namely because had it not been for the first iPhone, smartphones might not have gotten as ubiquitous as they are today. It also makes for a great piece of tech history for collectors.

eBay Makes It Easier For Amateurs To Shop For Auto Parts
Getting into any kind of hobby definitely comes with a learn curve, but how steep of a curve depends on the hobby in question. When it comes to cars, it can get rather tricky especially if you’re unfamiliar with how a car works and all the parts that are involved, and we imagine that trying to shop for spare parts can be intimidating.

eBay To Start Accepting Apple Pay
As eBay transitions to a non-PayPal payment system, it’s opening itself up to other payment systems as well. eBay has confirmed that it will soon start accepting Apple Pay. Apple’s own mobile payments service is used by countless people who own its products. Apple Pay will be one of the first payment options of its kind for eBay and it will enable customers to pay for goods through the eBay […]

This Man Tried To Sell His Facebook Data On eBay
It is no secret that companies such as Facebook and Google collect data on users in order to create ads that are catered towards a user’s preference. While it is no secret, Facebook’s recent data privacy scandal shone more light on exactly how much data the social network and advertisers have of users.

eBay For iOS Updated With Barcode Scanning, Makes Listing Easier
If you’re someone who uses eBay to list products for sale or auction frequently, then the latest update to the app might be of interest to you. eBay has recently updated its iOS app where they are now including a barcode scanning feature. What this does is that it will help quicken the listing process which will apparently take seconds.

eBay’s App Uses Augmented Reality To Help You Choose The Right Box
If you’re someone who sells stuff on eBay from time to time, you know that sometimes choosing the right box size can be tricky. This is because shipping companies charge based on the size/weight of the box, meaning that if you can choose the right packaging, you could potentially save on cost there.

eBay To Eventually Replace PayPal As Its Main Payments Processor
eBay and PayPal have been pretty much synonymous with each other for the longest time ever, but it seems that the partnership will be coming to an end. In an announcement by eBay (via Recode), eBay has announced that they have signed an agreement with Adyen, a payments processor from Amsterdam, where moving forwards Adyen is expected to be the platform’s main payments processor.

iPhone X On eBay Fetching Up To $1,500
Scalpers always jump into action whenever there’s a new iPhone available for purchase. Reports have suggested that the iPhone X will be available in limited quantities at launch due to production issues. This presents a golden opportunity for scalpers who can sell the iPhone X units they acquire for considerably more. That’s what they’re already doing as the iPhone X on eBay is fetching as much as $1,500.

eBay’s Image Search Feature Is Now Live For Mobile
Sometimes it’s hard to search for things that you find difficult to describe using words. After all you can’t exactly point to an object and tell your computer, “Hey find me something like that”, or can you? Earlier this year eBay announced plans to add image search to its mobile app and the good news is that it looks like the feature is now live for mobile users.

An SNES Classic Was Sold Every 25 Seconds On eBay At Launch
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic or SNES Classic has proven to be very popular. Nintendo fans have flocked to stores in order to pick one up. It sold out within minutes are most retailers and still remains in short supply. Scalpers got in on the action as well, selling units at a premium on eBay to turn a quick profit. eBay revealed that an SNES Classic was sold every […]