PayPal Users Can Now Withdraw & Deposit Money At Walmart

PayPal is used by many all over the world, where it has facilitated secure payments for both sellers and buyers. Now the good news is that if you do use PayPal extensively, you’ll have more places in which you will be able to withdraw money from your PayPal account, as well as make deposits if any.

PayPal’s ‘Funds Now’ Will Instantly Pay Businesses On The Spot

The upsides to a cash-only business is that whatever money you make, you make it on the spot. This is versus using credit card systems or other types of payment systems in which you usually have to wait for it to be processed and paid out to you. However PayPal is hoping to do away with that stigma with a new feature called Funds Now.

PayPal Launches New And Improved Mobile app

If you’ve been using PayPal’s mobile app and thought that the app could do with a refresh, you’ll be pleased to learn that PayPal has announced that they have since updated their app which they have given a brand new revamped design. According to PayPal, the updated app is meant to be faster and simpler to use than before.

You Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Uber With Venmo

Uber users will soon be able to use another payment method to pay for their rides. PayPal has confirmed that it will enable Uber riders to pay with their Venmo balance. This will let them settle the bill for their rides with the money that’s in their Venmo accounts. Uber is going to officially launch this “Pay with Venmo” in the near future.


Venmo Will No Longer Support Payments Made Through Its Website

Just like how with PayPal, users can opt to make payments through the website or through the mobile app. There is no right or wrong way, just personal preferences. However it seems that with Venmo, the company has decided that they will only support payments made through its mobile app moving forwards.

PayPal Now Available As Payment Option Across Google Apps

PayPal and Google have an existing partnership where PayPal can be used as a payment option for the Play Store. However the good news for PayPal users is that if you wanted to keep using PayPal across Google’s other apps and services, you now can as both companies have recently announced that they will be deepening their partnership.

PayPal’s Acquisition Of iZettle Brings It Closer To Physical Stores

PayPal’s presence on the internet is huge where many online retailers offer it as an option for its customers to use when paying for purchases. However in the real world, PayPal has almost zero presence in physical stores, thus missing out on all the potential transaction fees that are happening every second.

Samsung Pay Now Lets Users Pay With PayPal

If you’ve managed to accumulate a lot of credit on PayPal, or if PayPal is your preferred choice of payment platform, you might be interested to learn that PayPal will now be supported by at least one more company in the form of Samsung. What this means is that those who use Samsung Pay will now be able to choose PayPal as their method of payment.

Credit Card Companies Planning New Checkout Button To Compete With PayPal

When you shop online, you are usually presented with several ways of payment. The most common way would be to either use your credit card directly, or more often than not you will find PayPal as one of the options as well which is one of the more popular ways of making online payments.

PayPal Reportedly Rolling Out Banking Services To Some Customers

PayPal is a company known by many to be an online payments facilitator, where users can go through PayPal’s service to make payments for purchases online, such as through eBay and other websites. This is because PayPal has protection services that help protect buyers and sellers from scams.

Samsung Pay Will Now Support PayPal Payments

When you think mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and so on, you might associate them with physical payments made in stores. However they can be used for online purchases as well, which is what Samsung Pay can now do as it has recently rolled out support for PayPal.

PayPal Discontinues The Ability To Send Money Via BBM

A couple of years ago, PayPal launched the ability for users of BBM to send money through the messenger using PayPal’s platform. However it looks like that feature has come to an end. In an announcement by PayPal, they have discontinued the service which actually came into effect on the 6th of February, 2018.

eBay To Eventually Replace PayPal As Its Main Payments Processor

eBay and PayPal have been pretty much synonymous with each other for the longest time ever, but it seems that the partnership will be coming to an end. In an announcement by eBay (via Recode), eBay has announced that they have signed an agreement with Adyen, a payments processor from Amsterdam, where moving forwards Adyen is expected to be the platform’s main payments processor.

The UK Is Now Banning Shops From Charging Apple Pay Fees

Have you ever been to a store where you tried to pay by card but they refuse to let you unless you spend over a certain limit? Or maybe a shop that avoids accepting cards entirely? That’s because these shops want to avoid transaction fees associated with using cards, but the good news is that this practice is going away in the UK.