Given how Sony’s PlayStation Vita is meant to be a portable gaming device, naturally it is possible that the console will run out of juice before the day is out, especially for those who game non-stop on it. Well fret not as Sony has outed several portable charging accessories for the PlayStation Vita in Japan which includes a car adapter and a portable charger.

The car charger adapter is pretty straight forward. Basically it allows you to charge up your PlayStation Vita via your car’s lighter socket while you’re on the go. The portable charger on the other hand is more of a battery pack and a pretty large one at that. According to Sony, the portable charger features a 5,000mAh battery pack which supposedly will provide enough juice to charge your PlayStation Vita 1.5 times. Upon depletion, the portable charger will take a good 7 hours to charge back to full capacity.

The car adapter charger is expected to go on sale in Japan come 22nd March for around $20, while the portable charger will go on sale come 5th April and is expected to retail for around $60. No word on worldwide availability or pricing just yet, but check back with us as we’ll keep you updated when more information is made available.

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