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Sony PlayStation Vita Production Is Winding Down
Sony had confirmed in September last year that it would end production of the PlayStation Vita in 2019. It seems to have put that plan in motion as the company has started winding down production of this handheld console in its home country of Japan. It will soon stop manufacturing the remaining two models of the PS Vita.

Free PS Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita Will End Next Year
A PlayStation Plus subscription provides more than just online gaming capabilities. Subscribers also get a couple of games for free every month. Sony provides free games to subscribers who own a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita but things are going to change next year. Sony has confirmed that the free PlayStation Plus games lineup will not include titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita starting next year. Subscribers […]

Sony Shuts Down Servers For Select PlayStation Games
Sony has confirmed that it’s going to shut down servers for some PlayStation games. The servers are being shut down for several PlayStation 3 games, one PlayStation 4 game as well as one PlayStation Vita game. Those who like PlayStation Move will want to pay close attention as these games are mostly titles that utilize PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For October 2016
If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus you might be wondering what games you’re going to receive free as part of your subscription next month. The wait is now over for you as Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation Plus free games for October 2016 lineup. There are some great new titles for subscribers on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.


PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2016 Confirmed
Sony has confirmed today which games will be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of June. It’s has added two “excellent” PlayStation 4 games to the lineup for next month. Since the PS Plus program extends to other Sony consoles as well, subscribers who own a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Vita get free titles as part of their PS Plus subscription too.

PS Store Flash Sale Brings Discounts On Some Great Games
PlayStation owners take note. Sony has kicked off another flash sale on the PlayStation Store and it’s offering considerable discounts on some great games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The flash sales don’t last long so if you see a title that interests you, don’t waste any time in putting money down for it.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2016 Revealed
Sony has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal the PlayStation Plus free games for April 2016. Not only does the subscription service enable online play but it also provides a handful of titles for free every month to subscribers. April’s lineup for PS Plus members includes two titles for PlayStation 4, two each for PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.

PS Plus June Free Games Revealed
An incentive that PlayStation Plus members get is free games, they need to subscribe to this service in order to play games online but free games add more value to the money that they have to spend in order to play online. The PS Plus June free games have been revealed by Sony and it has published the names of all titles that PlayStation Plus members will get to play for free […]

PlayStation 4 Price Cut Rumored
Ever since it was launched in 2013 the PlayStation 4 has been sold for $399 with the odd exception of a bundle or a deal from some retailer. Sony’s console performed much better in the market as opposed to its rival from Microsoft, the Redmond company had to cut the Xbox One’s price on multiple occasions just to keep up with PS4 sales. However, rumor has it that a modest PlayStation 4 […]

Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita Release Confirmed
There hasn’t been much talk lately about the PlayStation Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Many would have started to believe that perhaps this version might not be released at all. Fortunately before such rumors started circulating Sony has come out with a confirmation. The company has confirmed Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita release for later this year.

Sony To Provide Refunds For 'Deceiving' Customers With PS Vita Ads
The Federal Trade Commission was dealing with a complaint regarding Sony “deceiving” customers in PlayStation Vita ads. Early advertisements for the handheld gaming console talked about some hardware and software features that didn’t quite work as advertised. Naturally the FTC got involved over these claims of false advertising and now Sony has agreed to provide refunds to customers who purchased a PlayStation Vita before June 1st, 2012.

Minecraft For PlayStation Vita Showed Off
Minecraft, a popular sandbox title, will soon be making its way to a handful of consoles including the PlayStation Vita. Fans of this title might have wondered how it would look like shrunk down for portable gaming. Fortunately Sony has released footage which shows just how Minecraft for PlayStation Vita looks, so go ahead and take a look, see if you find it appealing.

Child Of Light For PlayStation Vita Confirmed
Ubisoft’s popular turn-based role playing game is making its way to Sony’s handheld console. Today it confirmed that Child of Light for PlayStation Vita is going to be released in July. It will be available as a digital download for the console. A retail Complete Edition will be made available as well which will include all additional game contents, collectibles, a new character and a bonus quest.

Retailer Sends Free PlayStation Vita Units, Then Threatens Legal Action
Christmas came early for quite a few people in the UK who had ordered a £19.99 of PlayStation Vita game Tearaway from online retailer Zavvi. The retailer mistakenly shipping the Tearaway plus PlayStation Vita bundle to a few customers who effectively ended up with a free handheld gaming console. When a retailer messes up in such a way, in which customers aren’t responsible at all, one might expect that the […]

PSN Holds Halloween Sale Dropping Prices On The Last Of Us, The Walking Dead And More
Halloween is creeping ever so closely, which means things should be getting a little scarier around your town. We’re sure you already have the perfect Halloween costume for whatever ghoulish activities you have planned for that evening, although Sony would certainly like to help give you discounts on some of its more scary games that is currently available on the PlayStation Network.

PS4 Dedicated App 'PS4 Link' Releasing On PlayStation Vita In November
Sony already announced its PlayStation App will be headed to iOS and Android some time in November, with the app expected to interact with the PlayStation 4 in a number of ways. If you’re a PlayStation Vita owner or plan to be one, you’ll know Sony is betting big on its handheld device to help unlock the full potential of the PlayStation 4, and the first logical step would be […]

PS4, PS Vita Bundle Being Reconsidered By Sony
We heard rumors of Sony possibly considering bundling the PlayStation 4 along with the PlayStation Vita sometime later this year for roughly $500. Shortly after that rumor surfaced, Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK boss Fergal Gara said there weren’t any plans to bring both devices together in one bundle. Now it looks like ole Gara is changing his tune a bit as he now says Sony is reconsidering a PlayStation 4 bundled with […]

Sony Publishes Promotional Video Highlighting New PS Vita, PlayStation Vita TV
Sony made some major announcements earlier today during the company’s pre-TGS event, such as the new PlayStation Vitas and PlayStation Vita TV. To help bring it all together, Sony has published a new promotional video which shows off some of their newly-announced products, but it also serves as a way to show just how much you’ll be able to interact with your PlayStation products throughout a typical day.The video Sony published today, […]

PlayStation Vita TV Won't Run All Vita Games
Sony made a number of announcements this morning that many PlayStation and PlayStation Vita fans were probably really excited about. We heard PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to play their favorite MMO on their PlayStation 4 through a free upgrade, as well as some interesting PS Vita news, such as the new slimmer and lighter Vita as well as the Vita TV. The latter of the two seems to […]

Sony Holding Gamescom Press Conference On August 20
It was just yesterday when we reported Microsoft was planning on making some “unique” announcements regarding its upcoming Xbox One. It looks like Microsoft won’t be having all of the fun during the show as Sony has announced they will also be holding their own press conference at Gamescom this year on August 20.