The introduction of YouTube has certainly led to an explosive growth in user generated content, as anyone with a video recording device, a computer, and a decent Internet connection is able to upload their recorded memories for all and sundry to see. The trick is, how do you make sure your video goes viral, or is watched by millions around the globe? Being creative would be one way, while playing the unique card always helps. Case in point, you are now able to view Siku the polar bear cub on YouTube grow up at Denmark’s Scandinavian Wildlife Park thanks to a live webcam, marking the start of the International Polar Bear Day. I didn’t know such a day existed, but you learn something new every day, no?

Born last November at the Danish wildlife park, it would be interesting to watch Siku over a webcam no matter where you are. After all, flying over to Denmark is not exactly the most affordable flight for those living halfway across the world, so you might as well make do with the kind of tools that you own.

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