When the original human bird wing video came out a couple of days ago, it created quite a stir on the Internet – only to have some experts on the subject claim that it is nothing but a cleverly constructed hoax. Well, the cat is out of the bag now, as Dutch filmmaker and animator Floris Kaayk has admitted to it being nothing but a fake – claiming it was created in collaboration with media production company Revolver in order to create a viral media art project that depicted inventor Jarno Smeets take to the skies simply by flapping his arms. I guess this is the modern day Icarus after all, except that it isn’t real wax that melts this time around, but rather, the hearts of nearly 9 million viewers worldwide. I guess the quest for unaided flight continues to remain a pipe dream, and hopefully something good will come out of the entire debacle. What do you think of such art projects that raise the hopes of many, only to deflate it afterwards?

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