It is Icarus all over again, except that the 2012 episode will not see any meltdown of wax wings, but rather, this person in the video above has allegedly taken to the skies by strapping on a pair of giant multicolored wings, that are controlled by waving one’s hands up and down in the air, thanks to a Wiimote. The person in the video above is a Dutchman named Jarno Smeets, where apart from a pair of humongous flexible wings that were constructed using kites, he also further ensured his safety by fortifying it using carbon windsurf masts. A Wiimote and an Android-powered HTC smartphone completed his collection of hardware that allowed him to take to the skies.

According to Smeets, “Ever since I was a little boy I have been inspired by pioneers like Otto Lilienthal, Leonardo da Vinci and also my own grandfather.” I guess his effort paid off, and his grandfather would definitely have been proud of him. Do you think the video above is authentic, or is it a prank?

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