FlutterIf you’ve got a Mac and you’re looking for an easier way to pause and play your music, there’s now an app for that. Called Flutter, it makes use of your Mac’s built-in webcam to start and stop your music. It is a lightweight app that runs in the background of your computer and is only activated when you’re playing a video or listening to music. Let’s say you receive a phone call which you need to answer urgently – instead of fumbling around with the mouse to find the pause button, all you have to do is perform a gesture to the screen and the app will pause whatever’s playing.

Once you’re done with your phone call etc, and you’re ready to listen to music/watch your video again – repeat the same gesture and it will unpause. At the moment play/pause are the only options, but additional features such as muting or skipping tracks will be available in the coming months. Flutter is available now as a free alpha for you to download and try out. Be sure to let us know what you think. Check out a video demonstration of Flutter in action:

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