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Photos Of A Prototype Clear Macintosh Classic Surfaces On Twitter
Computers back in the day weren’t particularly well-designed, at least as far as aesthetics were concerned. We suppose in all fairness, the fact that these machines even existed was already pretty special. That being said, it seems that at one point in time, Apple might have toyed with the idea of creating a see-through computer case.

Apple To Launch Charging Mats, AirTags, High-End Headphones & More New Products In 2020
There’s a lot of predictions and leaks for Apple revealing big products this year (2020). However, along with its reimagined iPhone or the expected iPhone SE 2 – there would be more interesting things in the store.One of the most popular Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will also launch wireless charging mats, AirTags, high-end headphones, new iPads/Macs in the first half of 2020.Of course, among the new products, […]

Apple Granted Patent For Face ID On Mac Computers
Face ID was introduced a couple of years ago to the iPhone X. It was later brought over to the iPad Pro, so the question is, when will it be brought over to the Mac? It does seem like quite a natural transition after all, and the good news is that Apple looks like they are exploring the idea as well.

How To Format A Hard Drive (Mac)
If you just bought a brand new external hard drive and would like to format it so that it will be compatible on your Mac computer and also usable with a Windows device, this guide will show you how!


Apple Warns Older Macs Could Be Vulnerable To ‘ZombieLoad’ Type Attacks
Recently, it was revealed that there was a newly-discovered vulnerability affecting Intel processors. Dubbed ZombieLoad, the good news is that Intel is said to have since released new microcode to computer makers to help them patch their computers, but it turns out that some computers could still be vulnerable.

Apple No Longer Charging $99 For Data Transfer To New Macs
Apple used to charge $99 to migrate data from your old Mac to the new one. The fee doesn’t really make sense in this day and age but Apple has kept it around for so long. Not anymore, though, as the company has quietly removed the $99 fee it charged for data transfers.

Millions Of Mac Computers Exposed To Malvertising Scam
These days the majority of web content is powered using HTML5, although there are still some websites that are holding out and are still relying on Adobe’s Flash Player. This is something that scammers seem to be aware of and are taking advantage of it as well, according to a report from security firm Confiant (via Tom’s Guide) where it was recently discovered that at least 1 million Mac computers […]

Apple To Reportedly Combine iOS And Mac Apps By 2021
It’s no secret that Apple is working to make iOS and macOS apps play nicely with each other. This is part of a project codenamed Marzipan that the company talked about at its Worldwide Developer Conference last year. That’s what resulted in iOS versions of Home, News, Stocks, and Voice Memo being brought over to macOS 10.14 Mojave. According to a new report, Apple is going to take this one […]

Steve Jobs Business Card Sells For $6,000 At Auction
Memorabilia of famous people have typically sold for a lot of money, and recently that has been proven once again because during an auction, a business card of the late co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs has managed to sell for a whopping $6,000, or to be more specific, it managed to fetch a cool $6,259.

How To Use The Ping Command To Test Your Network (Win, Mac, Linux)
Testing your internet connection speed using a third party platform is something we have covered before. Though, we didn’t get a proper look at how to test the condition of your network. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through the ping command, and how to use it to test your network.

Apple Will No Longer Report How Many Devices They Sell
For the longest time, Apple used to share how much iPhones they had sold during the launch weekend. Given that every year Apple seems to sell more and more iPhones, such an announcement was done for various reasons: to boast, to make iPhone owners feel proud that they own the best-selling handset, and to make investors happy.

Apple Improves Windows Migration Assistant For macOS Mojave
Apple already provides a utility to make it easier for Windows users to ditch their platform and jump over to macOS. The company has now decided to more this feature more powerful. It’s going to ship an improved data migration tool with the upcoming macOS Mojave release so that Windows PC owners and transfer more data from their machines to their new Mac quickly and easily.

Google Chrome Adding Emoji Shortcuts For Windows, Mac, Chrome OS
If you’re on your phone and you want to enter an emoji into a message you’re sending, it’s a pretty quick and painless process. However when it comes to entering emojis on the desktop, that’s a different story as there’s no real obvious way to do that. The good news is that if you’re using Chrome, Google will be introducing some shortcuts.

Twitter For Mac App Has Been Discontinued
Twitter regularly updates its apps for other platforms but it has never really given the same sort of attention to its official Mac app. The support for the macOS app has been erratic at best and what many had been predicting was going to happen has indeed happened. Twitter has announced that it’s officially ending support for its Mac app.

You May Be Able To Run iPad Apps On Mac This Year
It was reported yesterday that Apple has delayed some upcoming iOS features to next year for iOS 12 as it’s going to focus on improving the platform’s performance and security this year. The company has reportedly delayed several new iOS features that it was due to introduce at WWDC 2018 and according to a new report this focus on performance and security improvements will extend to macOS as well. However, […]

Apple May Combine iOS And Mac Apps In 2018
If a new report is to be believed, Apple might allow developers to create a single app that runs on both iOS and macOS. Apple is reportedly planning to give users a single set of apps that work equally well on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The company is said to converge apps for both platforms starting late next year. Developers will be able to design a single app that works […]

How To Encrypt Files on Desktop, iPhone and Android
We live in a time where almost every bit of our everyday life has been digitized, and therefore we store a lot of relevant information on our computers or mobile devices. From social media and email passwords, to highly-sensitive info, such as banking records and social security number.With the increasing number of scammers and hackers looming around every corner of the internet, protecting your data is more necessary than it […]

NVIDIA GeForce Now Beta Is Live For Mac Users
There is a common perception that Mac computers weren’t designed to play games. While Mac computers do come with some pretty good hardware, let’s face it, it clearly was not designed for the hardcore gamer in mind. Sure, the higher-end iMacs and MacBook Pros can run games decently, but its specs differ very greatly from a PC designed for gaming.

APFS Support For Fusion Drive Macs Coming In Future Update
One of the recent changes Apple made to iOS and macOS is introducing a new file system called APFS which would be replacing HFS+, a file system that was previously used by both platforms. However it was recently discovered that Mac computers with Fusion Drives would not support APFS.

macOS High Sierra Will Perform Regular Firmware Checks
Following some of the issues that users have encountered after updating to iOS 11, one cannot be blamed if you’re a little apprehensive about updating your computer to the recently released macOS High Sierra update. However apart from the various new features and improvements, there is one feature of High Sierra that could make it worth the update.