Gmail for iOS now sends email from alternate addresses

The mobile computing workspace is getting more and more powerful, far surpassing the processing ability and capability of desktops from a decade ago. In fact, tablet computing might just be a totally new niche market that could cannibalize on the use of dedicated desktops, but that is something that my crystal ball cannot realize just yet. Having said that, desktop versions on mobile devices have been improved time and again, and Google’s Gmail app for the iOS platform has been improved, enabling you to send emails from alternate addresses. I know, this feature has been a mainstay on the Web version for the longest time, but in the world of mobile apps, the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will now be able to do so as well, letting you masquerade behind a different email address to cater to various recipients. After all, many of us do wear more than just a single hat these days, so to have multiple email addresses that cater for various folks makes sense.

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