Gmail Smart Replies To Become Optional For Desktop Users Soon

The Smart Replies feature in Gmail is currently not optional. It’s present for all users but that could change in the near future. According to a new report, Google will soon provide Gmail users the ability to turn off the Smart Replies feature. However this functionality may only be offered to desktop users.

Google Shutting Down Gmail Offline Chrome App This December

Inbox isn’t the only email client that Google will be discontinuing in the near future. The company has confirmed that it’s also going to shut down the Gmail Offline app from Chrome OS in the coming months. This app will go away sooner than Inbox, which is scheduled for sunset in March 2019. The Gmail Offline Chrome app is going to be discontinued this December.

Google Inbox To Be Shut Down Next Year

It was back in 2014 that Google’s Gmail team launched an experimental email app called Inbox. It worked with users’ existing Gmail addresses but provided a different user experience compared to the main app. The app was developed with mobile devices in mind with the features to match. However, the experiment seems to be over as Google is reportedly going to shut down Inbox next year.

How To Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters on Gmail

Unfortunately, the days when we were receiving a few emails a week – worthy of our attention – are long gone. Each time you write down your email address in an online form, rest assured that you’ll unexpectedly receive the respective platform’s newsletter, even if you don’t recall using it.


Gmail For Android Gets Undo Sent Email Feature

Sometimes in a hurry to send out emails, we accidentally leave out certain details. Or sometimes in a rush we forget to add people to emails, or we send emails to the wrong person, which can sometimes be embarrassing and disastrous. However on desktop, especially if you use Gmail, you can unsend them.

Gmail For Android Now Supports Confidential Mode

Do you have emails that contain sensitive information that you don’t want others to see? There are ways to do that, but if you’re an Android user who also uses Gmail, you might be interested in a new feature called Confidential Mode that has recently found its way onto the Android version of the app.

Gmail For Mobile Now Lets Users Disable Conversation View

The way our emails and messages are displayed have come a long way from back in the day, where every email and message was separated into its own thread. These days designers are favoring conversation-style UIs which makes understanding the context of a message a lot better.

Gmail For Android Now Informs Users Of Deleted Messages From Threads

Just like SMS, email has come a long way where instead they are now threaded. This means that instead of seeing emails and their replies as separate “pages”, they are all shown in one long consolidated thread which will help users gain some context as to what the other person is talking about.

Gmail For Android Hints At Email Scheduling Feature

Google’s Gmail service does a lot for users in terms of features, such as automated replies, forwarding, and more. However if there is one feature that we’re sure some users will be able to appreciate but yet Gmail doesn’t offer would come in the form of email scheduling. This is where you can set an email to be sent at a specific date and time.

Dropbox Add-On For Gmail Now Available

Cloud storage is a great way for users to keep their files synced and available across multiple devices, such as phones, computers, tablets, and more. It makes accessing them easier if you switch between devices frequently. Now for those who use Gmail, you might be interested to learn about a new partnership between Google and Dropbox.

How To Backup Text Messages From Android To Gmail

Text messages are usually the one thing that we forget to transfer to our new phone or store when we perform a factory reset to our current device. And that’s a pity, since the process of backing up your text messages is ridiculously simple. In this tutorial we will show you how to backup your text messages from your Android device to a Gmail account.

Inbox By Gmail Finally Updated With iPhone X Support

The iPhone X was launched last year and with the launch of the phone, it introduced a new screen size and design, thanks to the notch. This means that developers who want to take full advantage of the iPhone X’s display would have to update their apps for it. Google has been steadily updating their apps for the phone, such as Google Maps and Gmail.

Third-Party Developers Reportedly Allowed To Scan Gmail Users’ Emails

With Gmail being a free email service, it makes sense that Google would need to find a way to make money, right? This is done by showing users ads based on what they like, which in the past Google used to scan the emails of users to see what they might be interested in. Google has since stopped that practice, but not everyone else did.

Gmail App Lets Users Limit Notifications To High Priority Emails

Not all emails are equal, where there are some that you’ll probably want to reply to ASAP, and others that you can probably take your time with (although you should still reply somewhat promptly). The good news is that Google has announced that they have updated its iOS app with smarter notifications.