How To Block Images From Loading In Gmail

Did you know that some emails might contain hidden images that are used to track you? If you want to stop that tracking, then here’s how to block images from loading in Gmail.

Gmail On iOS Will Now Automatically Block Images From Loading

We’re sure that many of us have received emails that contain images in them. These types of emails are usually from companies who are advertising their products or services. However, did you know that sometimes emails that don’t look like they have images might actually contain “invisible” images that can be used to track you?

Dynamic Emails In Gmail Will Be Live For All Users From July 2

Dynamic emails were introduced in Gmail earlier this year in March. It evolved Gmail beyond a messaging platform by enabling users to interact with more content without having to exit their mailbox. For example, they could respond to comments, RSVP to events, fill out forms, and more. The feature was only available in beta for a few months but it’s going to be rolled out officially to all G Suite […]

Google Is Keeping Track Of The Things You Purchase

We’ve all bought things online before, but it seems that even if you did not buy it directly from Google or through Google, the company seems to be pretty aware of the things that you’re buying online. This is thanks to the use of digital receipts which are usually sent to your email address. If you’re using Gmail, this is how the company is tracking you.


This Chrome Extension Will Tidy Up Your Gmail Interface

We know that many were bummed when Google announced that they would be shutting Inbox down. It was an excellent product that helped make emails a lot more organized and tidy, and so to this date, we still have no idea why the company shut it down. If you’re not a fan of Gmail’s interface, we have some good news for you.

How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode (Windows, Android, iOS)

Sending emails hasn’t changed much in the last decade or so. Yes, the user interface has gotten better and we have more features but the basic stuff remains the same. Despite all the newness security is still one of the main concerns we have while using email. Gmail has decided to tackle this issue with the help of Gmail Confidential mode.

How To Block Emails On Gmail

Google’s Gmail platform has a pretty good spam filter and for the most part, it gets the job done. However, if you want to block certain emails, here’s how you can go about doing it.

Gmail Finally Gains The Ability To Schedule Emails

Have you ever wanted to schedule your email to send later? Perhaps you anticipate that you will be traveling and need to send out an email at a specific date or time, and you know won’t have an internet connection. The good news is that if scheduling your emails is something you might be interested in, Google has got your back.

Gmail For iOS Updated With Customizable Swiping Actions

Given that our mobile devices are largely touch-based, sometimes being able to interact with them using gestures could be a smarter way than just tapping on our screens. That’s what Google seems to be exploring because in an update made to Gmail on iOS, Google has introduced new customizable swipe gestures.

Google Is Bringing Its AMP Tech To Gmail

Several years ago, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to the internet. The concept behind it is that when certain websites use AMP, it will load almost instantly on mobile devices, versus regular non-AMP websites that will still take a couple of seconds to load. This is similar to Facebook’s own Instant Articles feature.

Recent Changes To Gmail Has Broken Certain IFTTT Recipes

The wonderful thing about apps such as IFTTT is that it allows users to automate certain aspects of their smartphone. Previously the app had worked with Gmail where users could use a variety of recipes with the app, but unfortunately due to changes Google made to their API ecosystem, it has resulted in a few Gmail related recipes being broken.

Google Is Slowly Removing Traces Of Inbox From The Internet

Recently Google had confirmed that Inbox by Gmail will be shutting down on the 2nd of April, around two weeks from now. It seems that Google is now working to try and remove all traces of the platform’s existence from the internet, or at least as much as possible because according to reports, users can no longer find the app in the Play Store.

Confidential Mode For Gmail G Suite Users Coming Soon

Last year Google announced that together with its Material Design for Gmail, they would also be introducing a Confidential Mode to its email platform. Basically with emails sent using Confidential Mode, it prevents the email from being copied, downloaded, printed, or forwarded, thus ensuring that the conversation stays between users.

Gmail’s Smart Compose Now Available On All Android Devices

For the longest time ever, Smart Compose is a feature that can be found on Gmail on the desktop. For those unfamiliar, basically Smart Compose will help users complete sentences that they type in their email where Google will be able to make suggestions on how your sentence should be completed.