Scion is proud to announce that MotorStorm RC will be making its way to the PS Vita – and even better news is this, you need not worry about forking out a single cent for the title since it will be free to download and play. When launched in the UK a couple of weeks ago, the game did not shy from receiving critical praise, and for those of us living across the pond, I am quite sure that the fortnight’s wait is well worth it. PS3 owners will need to fork out $9.99 ($7.49 for PlayStation Plus subscribers) for MotorStorm RC, but if you are a PS Vita early adopter, then the version for your spanking new portable handheld console will cost you nothing.

Of course, this offer is too good to be true, that is why it is available only for a limited time. Other goodies include the option for you to drive a custom RC version of Scion’s iQ that is exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game. Anyone with a PS Vita cannot wait to put their foot down on the virtual accelerator and zoom away, leaving the competition behind to choke on your dust?

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