With a lot of emphasis being placed in “green” technology these days, one of the ways we can cut down on our carbon emissions is to either take public transport to work, or we could cycle there. However given that some of our jobs require us to bring a laptop about, strapping a heavy laptop to yourself while navigating the city on a bicycle is probably not the most enjoyable experience, which is why Lauren Picard has come up with the concept Peugeot DL 122 urban bicycle.


It’s pretty much your standard bike and will be made out of wood and aluminum, compact 20” wheels and an 8-speed hub, but what makes it interesting is that the center of bike will feature a slot where riders can place their briefcases or laptop bags. This will help to maintain the center of gravity of the bike and help to provide a better overall balance, much better than say slinging a laptop bag over your shoulder while riding a bicycle through traffic.

Unfortunately the Peugeot DL 122 urban bicycle is merely a concept at this point in time, but what do you guys think? Would you be interested in purchasing a bicycle like that?

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