Seagate logoTerabytes of data are very common nowadays, with most desktop computers sporting at least 1-2TB hard disk drives. While it’ll be awhile more before we see that number increase by a significant amount, it looks like Seagate is on its way to being the first company to push out such products in the market. The company announced today that it has become the first hard drive maker to achieve the milestone storage density of 1 terabit per square inch – which will allow it to produce 3.5″ hard disk drives with capacities of up to 60TB over the next 10 years, while 2.5″ hard drives will be able to reach 20TB. It’s amazing how far technology has progressed, especially when I think back about the days where a 4GB hard disk was considered huge. How large is your hard disk now, and do you ever find yourself running out of space constantly?

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