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Seagate Unveils Officially Licensed PlayStation External Hard Drive
Sony’s PS4 console supports users attaching external hard drives to it where they can save some of their files onto, especially for users who want to extend their existing storage, rather than update a single drive it as per Sony’s instructions.

LaCie Announces New Portable Hard Drives And SSDs
#CES2019 – LaCie is a brand that many are probably familiar with when it comes to storage. The company is known for their backup systems, but if you’re not looking for a backup system that sits on your desktop, not to worry because at CES 2019, LaCie has announced a couple of new portable hard drives and SSDs.

Seagate Launches New 2TB Xbox SSD
Several new games have been announced for the Xbox One at E3 2018 so far. Microsoft itself premiered 15 games during its press event which means that Xbox owners will certainly need to free up some space on their consoles for the new titles. Seagate has got them covered with its new 2TB Game Drive for Xbox SSD. It’s a flash-speed SSD drive that’s designed exclusively for the Xbox One.

Seagate Launches New 12TB Hard Drive
If you’re in the market for more hard drive storage, check out the new products from Seagate. The company today announced that it’s expanding its IronWolf, IronWolf Pro, and BarraCuda Pro hard drive models to offer capacities of up to 12TB for NAS (Network Attached Storage) and desktop machines. The 12TB drives are great for creative professionals who require a lot of space to store content such as 4K footage.


Seagate's First PS4 Hard Drive Offers 2TB Storage
It wasn’t possible to use an external hard drive with the PlayStation 4 initially. Sony released a software update for its console in March this year which finally enabled users to attach an external hard drive of up to 8TB with their console. Seagate has now launched its first hard drive for the PlayStation 4. It will add 2TB of external storage to the console.

Seagate Game Drive Hub For Xbox One Offers 8TB Storage
You can never have enough storage on your gaming console. With games and their subsequent updates getting heavier by the day, gone are the times when you could make do with just a few gigabytes of storage. However, there’s only so much storage that you can add to your console by swapping out its internal hard drive. You have to rely on an external solution to get the maximum possible […]

Seagate's New Hard Drive Is Meant For Drone Owners
Seagate today announced the launch of a new hard drive that’s meant for drone owners. The drive itself is called DJI Fly Drive which should leave no doubt in your mind that it’s meant for customers with drones made by DJI. With its integrated USB Type-C cable, the DJI Fly Drive offers up to 2TB of storage which will be ample for hours and hours worth of drone footage. It […]

Seagate 16TB Hard Drive Coming In 2018
When you think about how far hard drive storage has come since just a few years ago you will truly recognize just how hard these companies work to stay ahead of the competition and continue to raise the bar further. Seagate made news last year with its 10TB hard drive but the company is clearly not stopping there. It has plans to release a massive 16TB hard drive in 2018.

Seagate’s New Portable Hard Drive Can Sync With Amazon Drive
Backing up your files has always been a prudent thing to do. In fact making more than one backup is usually a good idea just in case one backup fails, you’ll always have the other one to fall back on. However making copies of your backup can sometimes be time consuming especially when you have huge files to transfer.

Seagate Launches 5TB Portable Hard Drive
As files get bigger these days, it also means that we definitely need more storage. Gone are the good old days where a 1.44MB disk drive was more than sufficient to store files from work and school. Instead these days we are looking at games taking up as much as 10-20GB of worth storage, meaning that our portable hard drives need to be upgraded as well.

Seagate Launches 512GB Game Drive SSD For Xbox One
Seagate today announced the launch of a new 512GB SSD Game Drive for the Xbox One. The new SSD promises to provide faster storage for games on Microsoft’s flagship console. To further drive the point home that this SSD has been created with the Xbox in mind, it even comes with a special paint job. The enclosure is black and green while there’s also an Xbox logo in one corner […]

Seagate Unveils Their Massive 60TB SSD
How much storage do you think you really need on your computer? Some people manage to get by with 1TB, others might need more like 10TB, but if you’re running a business that needs to keep a lot of information, naturally this will accumulate over time and amount to a lot of storage, meaning that 1-10TB probably won’t cut it.

Seagate Launches 10TB Hard Drive For Your PC
If you just can’t have enough storage on your PC then perhaps you should take a look at what Seagate has announced today. The company has come out with a new line of hard drives today that is available in up to 10TB capacity. These hard drives are meant for PCs, surveillance systems, and network-attached storage. Seagate calls it the Guardian series.

Seagate Innov8 USB-Powered Desktop Hard Drive Is World's First
Yes, there have been USB-powered hard drives in the past such as this particular model from Verbatim, but how many of them are able to measure up to what Seagate is offering? The Seagate Innov8 boasts of being the first USB-powered desktop hard drive in the world that comes with a whopping 8TB of storage space, now top that!