ThermoDock takes your temperature with the iPhone


ThermoDock which is an infrared device that plugs into your iPhone and when it is pointed at your forehead or anything at all for that matters, it takes a reading of the temperature. This intriguing medical device means the end for rectal thermometers and that would probably spell happiness for many people. Another good thing about the device is that the object that you wish to scan and the device do not have to make contact.

This means that your precious iPhone can maintain a safe distance away from steaming mugs of coffee, people carrying germs and sick grumpy children. Moreover, the gadget can also be used to check the ambient temperature of a room. The ThermoDock works hand in hand with an app called VitaDock to track date. The app is available for free from Apple’s App Store and if you want to purchase the ThermoDock device, it will set you back $95 from Firebox. Rest assured with the Dr ThermoDock around, you will never have to worry about getting an accurate result when it comes to temperature again.

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