Twitter has just launched Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu versions, but you can be very sure that it was no walk in the park for them. According to Twitter’s engineers, mixing both right-to-left and left-to-right language is quite a huge headache for them, but thanks to their perseverance as well as brilliance, they have managed to overcome this obstacle. Of course, it was a collective effort, and Twitter managed to enlist the help of 13,000 volunteers when it comes to translating its menu options as well as support pages into the languages mentioned above. According to experts, this move ought to help more “ordinary people” out in using the service. Great to see how the Arab Spring last year actually took off with the help of social networks and micro blogging sites, no? Twitter is proud that their service is now available in 28 languages, and are looking forward to increasing that figure in due time.

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