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Chevy Sonic does graffiti

The most recent effort to promote the new Chevy Sonic has seen the car brand work together with famed street artist Jeff Soto, where he will drive up to a brick wall in downtown Oakland, California, in a Chevy Sonic (what else?). Now, this particular Chevy Sonic is no ordinary showroom model simply because it has received a very special modification, where it has the ability to create a mural thanks to being outfitted with a paint-blaster which will reveal itself from the Sonic’s sun roof. A robotic arm will hold the paint-blaster in place, and the spray-paint is controlled via various mechanics that have been built right into the car’s computerized control panel. There is a joystick, pressure gauges, and a push button for Jeff to play around with, rendering precise drawings thanks to the robotic arm. Sounds like a crazy tag team, but it gets the job done and is certainly an attention grabber.

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