Chevrolet wants those who own its vehicles to be able to do a lot more using the car’s infotainment system than just using it for navigation and controlling music playback. Its new Marketplace service allows them to pay for coffee ahead of time and even make restaurant reservations. Now, it will enable them to pay for gas from inside their car itself. Chevrolet has teamed up with Shell for this purpose.

Chevrolet announced today that those who own select vehicles will be able to drive up to a Shell gas station and then select the fuel payment icon on their infotainment display. They can then start fueling up the car. Once they’re done, they don’t even need to pick up their phone or wallet to pay. They will be able to handle the payment for the game from the infotainment display itself.

However, it can prove to be more time consuming for some compared to actually paying with cold hard cash because they will find have to type in the pump number into the infotainment display and then select the method of payment. They also have to sign up for a PIN which adds a layer of security to the entire process.

This feature will initially be available on 2017 and 2018 Chevrolet cars and will only be available at Shell gas stations in Houston, Detroit, and Seattle. The company wants to roll this feature out nationwide by this summer so that its owners can pay for gas from inside their cars at more than 14,000 Shell stations.

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