You can build anything with the right Lego bricks. That’s something that Chevrolet set out to prove with its latest marketing stunt. The company has made a full-size replica of its latest Silverado truck with nothing but Lego bricks. It obviously won’t be able to haul your cargo but it does look pretty cool.

Chevrolet got some help on this project from the students at the Oxford Community School and the Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary. The set out to make a full-size replica of the 2019 Silverado 1500 LT Trailboss with Lego bricks. The entire model is made up of 334,544 pieces are required over 2,000 hours of assembly by 18 workers.

It looks very similar to the real thing. They replicated all of the details from the original truck, right down to its contours and decals. The truck doesn’t work, obviously, but the lights do turn on. Just don’t try to hop into it and take it for a spin because that’s something it can’t do.

Chevrolet’s marketing team is tying this project with the upcoming release of The Lego Movie 2 where a smaller Silverado truck will be making an appearance. This is a continuation of a partnership between Chevy and Warner Bros. which started with the Lego Batman Movie and the Lego Batmobile from Chevy.

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