Diablo 3Diablo 3’s beta had been scheduled to end come May 1st, but it seems that instead of bringing things to a close, Blizzard on the other hand has reportedly done the opposite. According to several reports, players who previously did not have beta access to the game are apparently now able to download the client, connect to the game and play the beta. VG247 reached out to Blizzard regarding the issue, who then replied that they were investigating the claims. Could it be that Blizzard is opening up the beta to the rest of their gamers on purpose? After all, the game is about a month away from launching and what better way to build the hype and anticipation by giving players a small taste of what’s to come, right? Since I already have beta access, I am unable to verify this info, but did any of our readers out there suddenly find themselves being able to access the Diablo 3 beta?

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