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Diablo 3’s ‘Darkening Of Tristram’ Event Is Back
For the past couple of years, Blizzard has been running an annual event within Diablo 3 known as the “Darkening of Tristram”. Basically this will take players back to Tristram, the town that was in the original Diablo, and let them play through some of the levels, collect gear, and what not. Basically it helps to switch things up in the game which can admittedly get a bit repetitive.

Diablo 3 Port For The Nintendo Switch Rumored For 2019
Blizzard is a prominent developer and has a huge and loyal fanbase, which is why you can imagine that platforms that support Blizzard’s games will naturally also attract a lot of gamers. However if there is one platform that Blizzard has yet to launch on, it would be Nintendo’s consoles in which no Blizzard game is available yet.

Blizzard Reminds Diablo 3 Players Of Upcoming ‘Darkening of Tristram’ Event
Back in 2016 during BlizzCon 2016, we’re sure many Diablo fans were disappointed when Blizzard revealed that instead of announcing the rumored Diablo 4, the developer announced a remake of the original Diablo in the form of an in-game event called the Darkening of Tristram, which Blizzard also confirmed would be an annual event.

Diablo 3’s ‘Rise Of The Necromancer’ DLC Now Available For Purchase
About a week ago, Blizzard announced and finally confirmed when we can finally expect to see the Necromancer class released for Diablo 3. The announcement at that time was for the 27th of June, and sure enough it has arrived alongside the latest patch for the game, patch version 2.6.0.


Diablo 3 ‘Rise Of The Necromancer’ DLC Set For 27th June Release
Ever since Blizzard announced their plans to bring Diablo 2’s Necromancer character to Diablo 3 last year, many gamers have been wondering when exactly that will be taking place. Unfortunately for the longest time ever, Blizzard has kept mum on the release date, although they have been actively updating gamers about their progress.

Blizzard Previews Diablo 3’s Necromancer Armor Set
Blizzard has been teasing the Necromancer class for Diablo 3 for a while now, and we’re sure that many gamers are looking forward to playing it whenever it is released. We’re not sure what’s taking Blizzard so long, but the company is known for taking their time with these sorts of things so it shouldn’t really be that surprising.

Diablo 3’s Necromancer Cinematic Trailers Released
As Diablo 3 gamers are aware by now, Blizzard has plans to introduce a “new” class to the game in the form of the Necromancer, which is actually a character from Diablo 2. Of course there will be some changes made to the character which we have seen previously, and now it looks like Blizzard has since released the cinematic trailers for the character.

Diablo 3’s Necromancer Skills Get Detailed
When Diablo 3 first launched, clearly Blizzard decided to introduce a bunch of new classes that weren’t available in the previous games, with some featuring skills and characteristics that were kind of hybrids of some of the older classes. The Witch Doctor class however was mostly compared to the Necromancer in Diablo 2.

Diablo 3’s Seasons Are Now Available On Console
If you play Blizzard’s Diablo 3 on a console like the PS4 or Xbox One, then you will be pleased to learn that after 3 years, the Seasons feature is finally arriving for consoles, according to a recent post by Blizzard on the Diablo 3 website, a feature that was previously only available for PC gamers.

Blizzard Details Diablo 3’s Necromancer In Q&A Session
Last week we stated that Blizzard would detail the upcoming Necromancer class for Diablo 3, and sure enough they did. The Necromancer class was first revealed at BlizzCon 2016 last year. The launch trailer did reveal some abilities that we might be able to expect, but the Q&A revealed some additional details.

Blizzard To Detail Diablo 3’s Necromance Class This Week
We know that gamers were probably a bit disappointed that Blizzard didn’t announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon last year, although to be fair Diablo 4 was only a rumor to begin with. Instead what Blizzard announced was a new Necromancer class that they will be introducing to the game later this year.

Blizzard Announces Diablo 3 Battle Chest
If you don’t own Diablo 3 but you are considering getting into, you’re in luck because it seems that Blizzard will be saving you quite a bit of money as they have recently launched the Diablo 3 Battle Chest. For those unfamiliar, Battle Chests are basically Blizzard’s way of bundling old games with their expansions and selling it for cheaper.

Blizzard Explains Why Diablo 1 Wasn’t Remade As A Standalone Game
Ahead of BlizzCon 2016, there were rumors that we could be getting a new Diablo game in the form of Diablo 4. There were even rumors about a Diablo 2 HD remake but that was quickly shot down by Blizzard. Instead what we got was a recreation of Diablo 1 within the world of Diablo 3 itself.

Diablo 3’s ‘The Darkening of Tristram’ Will Be An Annual Event
It’s safe to say that following the rumors that there could be a Diablo 4 announced at BlizzCon 2016 this year, many gamers were disappointed when that did not happen. Instead what Blizzard gave us as a new “premium” (read: paid) class for Diablo 3 in the form of the Necromancer, and the remake of the original Diablo within Diablo 3 itself.

Sorry No Diablo 4, But Blizzard Will Remake Diablo 1 Inside Diablo 3
There were rumors that we could be looking at a Diablo 4 announcement at BlizzCon 2016 this year, but alas that was not to be. Instead it looks like Blizzard has introduced a new “premium” Necromancer class, and has also announced that they will be recreating Diablo 1. However there’s a catch and that is the original game will actually be remade inside of Diablo 3.

Blizzard To Introduce ‘Necromancer’ Class To Diablo 3
If Diablo 3 is starting to get a bit stale for your liking, not to worry as Blizzard has announced their plans to break the monotony. The developer has announced that they will be introducing a new premium class to the game in the form of the Necromancer, which technically isn’t really new since the Necromancer actually made his debut back in Diablo 2.

Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.2 Is Now Live
Last week we reported that Blizzard was preparing a new patch for Diablo 3. This new patch would basically bring about several changes to the game, one of which is the added difficulty levels where players can now advance beyond Torment 10. The good news is that players did not have to wait too long for the patch to drop.

Diablo 3’s Auriel Coming To Heroes Of The Storm Next Month
Earlier this month Blizzard unveiled two new heroes for Heroes of the Storm. Warcraft’s Gul’dan was one of them, and the other is Auriel from Diablo 3 where she is one of the archangels from the Diablo universe. For those interested in playing a support hero, Auriel will be the latest one added to the game, and she has been set for a release on the 8th of August.

Upcoming Diablo 3 Patch Will Introduce 3 More Difficulty Levels
If there is one thing Blizzard has going for them it is that they are pretty good at keeping their games up to date. For example Diablo 3 has been out for many years, but Blizzard is still doing their best to keep the game fresh and exciting for gamers who are still playing the game, and gamers who are just discovering the game.

Former Diablo 3 Director Jay Wilson Is Leaving Blizzard
Diablo 3 is not without its controversies. While at its core it is still the hack and slash adventure game that many of us grew up with, there are changes made to the game that many of the older players did not seem to like, one of which was the introduction of the auction house which was well-intentioned, but did not work out the way they imagined.