Google invests $300 million for a new data center in Iowa

It was well over three years ago when Google invested a whopping $600 million in a data center located in Iowa to support its services – Gmail, Maps, and Search. The data center proved to be a great investment for the California-based giant, spurring 200 new jobs and income. But now it looks like Google is planning to do it again, this time investing in another $300 million data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

This will total Google’s investments in the town to almost $1 billion. Chris Russell, the operations manager for the new data center, said that the new data center will bring in 50 new jobs to the city, including  computer repair, heating and cooling, as well as logistics. “We are glad to be in Iowa, and Google’s future here is very bright,” Russell said.

We all know that Google has one of the best energy-efficient data centers in the world. The search engine magnate boats saving millions of dollars each year on energy costs using renewable energy whenever they can. The Associated Press added that the construction will commence soon on the 1,000-acre site and no word for an end-date has been confirmed.

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