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Meet Recovery Toolbox, The File Recovery Company
There are additional difficulties associated with the transition of many companies to work remotely because of Coronavirus. It would be ideal if the employee had his/her own laptop in the office, which makes it easy to then work remotely.

Crypto Exchange Founder's Death Leaves $190 Million In Limbo
QuadrigaCX, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, finds itself in a pickle after the death of its 30 year old founder Gerald Cotten. The founder was the only person who had the passwords to the exchange’s cold storage. This means that most of the $190 million in client holdings that the exchange has are now stuck in limbo.

Goldman Sachs Thinks Apple Could Be The Next Nokia
Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook went on record where he admitted that the company was seeing a weak demand for its iPhones, particularly in China. This also resulted in Apple slashing their financial estimates, which unfortunately also resulted in the share prices of Apple falling, causing the company to lose a fair chunk of its market value.

Samsung Opens Bixby To 3rd Party Developers
As Samsung get closer to its self-imposed 2020 deadline for having ALL of its devices use Bixby’s AI, the company is working hard to enlist the help of developers during its Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco.


Huawei Rising: 2016 H1 Revenues Up 40%
Huawei continues its impressively rapid progress and posts a first half of the year revenue growth of 40% (to ~$36.6B). Last year at the same period, the revenue growth was 30%, so the pace has accelerated, and Huawei said that it is “confident” that the momentum will continue. For the year 2016, Huawei expects to reach a yearly revenue of $75B.

LeEco Acquires Vizio For $2 Billion
Once again, the rumors were true. The tech world was bubbly about a possible acquisition of Vizio by LeEco. Now the terms are official, and LeEco has said “why” it pulled the trigger on this acquisition. LeEco will now own Vizio’s Hardware and Software businesses, but the brand will remain as a subsidiary, at least for now.

Computex Sets Itself Up To Attract Startups
Change is in the air at Computex. From the outside, most people typically think of Computex as a PC components trade show. On the inside, it’s also a place for most players in the IT/Technology supply chain where many exhibitors are looking for distribution channels. For the 2016 edition, Computex has added a “startups” flavor to the mix, in the form of InnoVEX, a parallel show where 170-200 startups are […]

LeEco Establishes U.S HQ In Silicon Valley
Ubergizmo readers certainly know LeEco, a company founded in China, thanks to products such as the LeSee autonomous electric car or smartphones like the Le 2 Pro. These two examples only show a fraction of the impressive number of businesses under the LeEco umbrella. That company now has a U.S headquarter and will start to bring products to the U.S market. “Customers will never again settle for less”, says Chief […]

Canadian Firm Sells Bottled Fresh Air To Chinese
China might be the second largest economy in the world at the moment, but all of that progress comes with a price – that is, the speed of industrialization has resulted in round-the-clock pollution in their major cities. With fresh air being a premium, this has led to a new market – that of bottled fresh air from Canada’s Rocky Mountains being sold, as the initial shipment saw a frenzy […]

Seagate NAS and NAS Pro Network Storage for SMBs
Seagate has announced two network attached storage (NAS) products for small and medium businesses (SMBs) with two distinct NAS models. The first is the Seagate NAS which comes with either two or four HDD bays and has been designed to provide storage for an average of 25 employees. It is powered by a Marvell dual-core chip running at 1.2GHz

Flipboard Acquires Zite From CNN
Flipboard has announced that it has purchased news reader Zite from CNN for $60M, according to CNN Money. By doing so, Flipboard hopes to go from the best-looking web magazine to the smartest as well. If you are not familiar with Zite, it is a news reading app that learns from what you read, but at the same time still let you discover new content. This is often a thin […]

Broadcom Forging Ahead With 300 Mbps Cat6 LTE
Broadcom has recently demonstrated that its smartphone modem can communicate with a “live” 300 Mbps LTE commercial network. Although demonstrations using a similar technology have been done in the past, Broadcom says that it is the first to do so on a “live” network (in Finland) which means that a cell tower used to serve actual wireless customers was upgraded and used for the demonstration. The test device itself was […]

PingPong: Simple, Interactive, Free Q&A App For Teachers
I’ve recently met with the creators of PingPong, an app that is aimed at providing a higher level of interaction between teachers and students. It works by simply letting teachers create questions either on the spot (during class), or as a series or prepared questions (exam-style) that students will have to answer, possibly in a limited time.The beauty of the app really resides in its simplicity and the fact that […]

Smart Content Center: A Government-Supported Incubator In Korea
I have visited the Smart Content Center in the G.Square building In Seoul: it is a South Korean government-supported incubator that helps startup by providing a low-cost working space (rent is free for successful applicants) that comes equipped with a well-furnished mobile testing lab, a video-editing studio, along with logistical and marketing support. Startups are still responsible for securing enough funding to pay its employees and other expenses of course.At […]

Clash of Clans Creators Get $1.5B Investment From Japan
Supercell, the parent company behind hit games like Clash of Clans has announced receiving a $1.5B investment from Softbank (the first wireless carrier in Japan to carry the iPhone) and GungHo, a Japanese known for its online and mobile games. Supercell’s Clash of Clan game alone hit $2.4M a day this year, so it’s not completely clear why they would need “investment” to start with. The official version is that […]

Verizon Committed To Help Startups Through Its Innovation Centers
Earlier today, Verizon has invited developers and reporters to its innovation center in San Francisco (201 Spear Street, 9th floor, there’s another one in Boston) for a showcase in the updated show room. If you did not already know about this, Verizon has committed quite a bit of effort to help developers build the next generation apps that use wireless networks. Obviously, it does so hoping that developers’ success will […]

Mobelisk Turns Ordinary Tablets Into Enterprise Devices
At CTIA, MoGo has announced its second generation of modular sleeves that can turn a $200 device into a touch, enterprise ready tablet with extra battery capacity, optional laser bar code reader and many more options. Basically, if the order is large enough, MoGo will even design and build it for the customer.

Microsoft Facing SEC And DOJ Probe Over Foreign Bribery
 It seems like Microsoft has landed itself in some hot waters. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Redmond based company is under investigation by the Securities and Exchanges Commission as well as the Department of Justice over claims that it has taken part in bribery in foreign countries, which include China. As of now the investigation is thought to be in its initial stages.

Android May Lead Tablet Market Share in 2013 [IDC]
With less-than-rosy economic outlook, shoppers are being more concerned with their dollars. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that many are voting for smaller and cheaper tablets. According to market research firm IDC, this may move Google’s Android ahead of Apple’s iOS by a small margin for the first time in the tablet market as the popularity of 7 to 8 inches tablets increases.

Intel to build 10% of all Apple A7 Processors [Rumor]?
As you may know, Samsung used to manufacture Apple’s Ax series of processors (or SoC) but given the strained relationship between the two companies, Apple has been reportedly shopping around to diversify its manufacturing capability. It’s not the first time that Intel has been mentioned as being such a potential partner, and given that it has excellent “fabs” (chip-building plants) it would make sense that Apple talks to them, although […]