Cancer as most of us might know is treated with not only the poisonous chemotherapy but also with highly potent beams of radiation. This has worked well so far to kill the cancer cells and to destroy tumors. The problem is that radiation does not discern and kills all cells in its path be it cancerous ones or otherwise. Doctors in the field try to avoid the healthy cells by taking MRI scans as accurately as possible but the problem with these 3D models is that most are out of date. This leads to inaccuracies as to the growth of the tumor, has it been recessed elsewhere in the body which harbor essential information for the patients.

They can be answered by regular MRI scans which include having high-powered beams running through patients. But to do it every day to have updated information is not just inconvenient but extremely costly. Now however it seems that a method to use a Nvidia GPU to further the medical field in this manner has come about. With the number of developers and companies using parallel computing to run their supercomputers, the majority GPUs which are being used are Nvidia’s Tesla GPU which was even seen on a future moon craft to make it act more intelligently. By extrapolating its ability there, there have been studies to show it might be capable of not only diagnosing but treating cancer.

By using Nvidia Tesla accelerated computers, all the above answers regarding the possibilities of an outdated MRI scan can be answered given its ‘intelligent’ system. The Tesla with its extreme computing performance can predict the movement and change of the patient’s tumor with just one outdated MRI. The technology involved is called Adaptive Radiotherapy (ART) can be used to more accurately focus treatment on the tumor and not live flesh which will result in a healthier patient overall. While this technology is still new, it is still amazing to see how something like a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) can be used to save lives for a disease that has torn through the population even more so off-late.

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