NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Will Make Gaming Laptops Cheaper

Many had been wondering if NVIDIA was planning to bring its GTX 1660 Ti GPUs without ray-tracing to laptops. The company has every intention of doing that, it has confirmed. NVIDIA has unveiled the GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1650 Max-Q GPUs, claiming that they offer up to 50 percent improved gaming performance compared to the previous generation GTX 1060-based gaming laptops and up to four times the performance of […]

NVIDIA Ends 3D Vision Support Next Month

Stereoscopic 3D may have been all the rage a few years ago but you don’t hear about it much now, at least in the context of home entertainment. Many feel that its time is up and now so does NVIDIA, apparently. The company has confirmed that it’s going to end support for 3D Vision next month.

NVIDIA Claims That Higher FPS Can Lead To Better Scores In Gaming

When it comes to gaming, getting a good score depends on many things. For example having a good team helps. Having balanced mechanics also helps. Of course having good hardware helps as well where if your computer is stuttering trying to load the game, it would most definitely affect your play experience.

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2019 Editor's Pick

Goodbye CES 2019, this was Ubergizmo’s 14th CES! It was difficult to navigate the avalanche of new products and technologies announced there. Including the pre-show work, it took out a huge chunk of December and all of the Holidays, but the chips have fallen, and here are the best products and technologies we’ve seen at CES 2019, in no particular order!


Razer Updates Its Blade Laptops With NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX GPUs

#CES2019 – Due to the rapid progression that we see in technology, what you buy today can be made obsolete in the next few months. This is why if you want to futureproof yourself, buying the latest is a good way to do that, although admittedly it is pretty much like an endless game of cat and mouse.

These Photos Of People Are Actually Not Real, Were Generated By AI

We’ve seen how AI can be used rather disturbingly for deepfake videos, and it seems that AI is only getting better at this. NVIDIA has recently published their latest work on AI (via Motherboard) and as you can see in the video above, those are actually not photos of real people, but rather images generated by AI.

Amazon Music Arrives On NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA’s Shield Android TV box is receiving a new software update today. The company has done a good job of supporting this device over three years after it was first released. Version 7.2 of the set-top box’s firmware brings Amazon Music. Shield TV owners in the United States will now be able to stream music on the device from Amazon Music.

NVIDIA’s AI Can Generate Virtual Landscapes Using Real-World Videos

In the past when developers wanted to create virtual landscapes of cities, they would have to create every building individually which can be a long and painstaking process. However it seems that NVIDIA thinks that they might have a way to speed up the process considerably, and that is through the use of AI.

New NVIDIA Drivers Promise 50% Ray Tracing Bump For Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 players on PC ought to get the new NVIDIA drivers that promise significant ray tracing performance improvements for this title. The latest drivers, 417.22, deliver improvements for Battlefield 5 when ray tracing is enabled. NVIDIA’s new drivers arrive not too long before the title’s own Overture patch that’s due later this month. New NVIDIA Drivers Promise 50% Ray Tracing Performance Gain For Battlefield 5

NVIDIA Titan RTX GPU Arrives For $2,500

NVIDIA teased its flagship consumer GPU, the Titan RTX, not too long ago. The company today officially unveiled this product. It’s a beast of a GPU with a price tag to match. For $2,500, customers get 72 Turing RT and 4,608 CUDA cores as well as 24GB GDDR6 VRAM. That’s a considerable improvement compared to the 68 and 4,352 cores of the RTX 2080 Ti.

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Delisting Rumors Have Little Basis In Fact

It may have taken a few people by surprise when rumors started surfacing over the weekend that the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti was not only out of stock but that the product had actually been delisted due to a mass recall. There wasn’t an official statement on the matter which only added to the confusion. However, it’s clear now that the delisting rumors have little basis in fact and that […]

NVIDIA Acknowledges Some RTX 2080 Ti Boards Are Defective

Back in August, NVIDIA announced new GPUs in the form of the RTX 2080 Ti. Given its asking price of $999, safe to say that this GPU is not cheap and is clearly aimed at professionals and enthusiasts who might require the power and performance that the GPU has to offer. Unfortunately there have been reports of users complaining about the GPU failing on them.

Complaints About NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Ti Failing Pour In

It’s not uncommon for users to experience a few issues with a new product. Their complaints are often amplified on social media and the support forums until the issues are ironed out. There seem to be quite a few complaints about NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Ti graphics card so far. The cards are reportedly failing at a high rate.

NVIDIA Enables Deeper Integration Of Google Home With Shield

NVIDIA is enabling deeper integration of Google Home with Shield. The device already comes with Assistant but it doesn’t quite have the same features that you would found on other Assistant devices. This deeper integration between the two should address some of the inconsistencies that users have noticed.