NVIDIA-HQNVIDIA is a computing company based in Santa Clara, California. The company was founded in 1993 by Jen-Husn-Huang, Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem. NVIDIA is known for its graphics chips which started with the RIVA, and later extended to the GeForce that has evolved to what most people know today. Desktop GPUs are split between GeForce (consumers) and Quadro+Tesla (Workstations) while mobile GPUs are integrated into the Tegra line of product.

NVIDIA’s Noise Cancellation Now Works With Any GeForce GPU
NVIDIA’s GPUs can do more than just power your games and render graphics. In fact, the company introduced some pretty nifty features in the past such as noise cancellation where it was available as an exclusive feature to the company’s RTX series of GPUs, but the good news is that it isn’t anymore.

NVIDIA Could Be Considering Bringing The GTX 1650 Back
Right now, GPUs are being snapped up like crazy by cryptocurrency miners who are purchasing the latest, high-end GPUs to help in their mining operations. As a result, gamers and regular users are finding it increasingly difficult to get their hands on a new GPU, but NVIDIA may have a solution.

Nintendo Switch Upgrade Could Feature OLED Display, New NVIDIA Chipset
The Nintendo Switch has been around for a while now. While Nintendo did give the console a bit of an upgrade with a larger battery, for the most part the console remains unchanged. It still uses the same chipset it did back in the day, the same display, the same amount of RAM, and so on.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Will Cost $10 For New Subscribers
One of the appealing aspects of NVIDIA’s GeForce Now streaming service is that it was priced at $5 a month. This made it pretty affordable, but now it looks like if you did not sign up before, you’ll have to pay a higher price of $10 a month which will be applicable to all new subscribers moving forwards.


Overwatch’s Next Update Should Help Reduce Latency
There is a reason why there are certain accessories that are marketed towards gamers. This includes things like monitors with fast refresh rates and response times, keyboards and mice with minimal input lag, and so on. This is because for some gamers, that split-second reaction could spell victory or defeat.

Cryptominers Have Bypassed NVIDIA’s Hash Rate Limiter [Update]
Update – It turns out that NVIDIA’s 30 series have not had their hash rate limiters hacked/cracked. The initial report, which came from @I_Leak_VN misinterpreted a cropped image. It was later discovered that this was for an alt-coin Octopus mining ring for Octopus. The readings are correct but because it was used for something else, and not ETH, it should not be understood that NVIDIA’s 30 series’ ETH-specific hash limiters […]

NVIDIA And Harvard Use AI To Speed Up Genome Analysis
There are certain science experiments that can take a while before the results are returned. Take for example genome analysis. This is a process that can take a little over twos for it to be completed, but that could change in the future, thanks to the efforts of researchers at NVIDIA and Harvard.

NVIDIA To Limit Consumer GPU Crypto-Mining Performance, Launches Mining GPUs
The gaming GPU market has been in turmoil during the past months because crypto-miners are snatching all the GPU supplies. This buying surge has created broad discontent among potential GPU buyers who can’t get their hands on the latest NVIDIA GPUs, and definitely not at an “affordable” price.A good example of that is the uproar that followed the recent Zotac post about GPU mining, representing exactly what NVIDIA wants to […]

ZOTAC’s GPU Mining Post Just Ticked Off A Lot Of PC Gamers
In order to build a rig powerful enough to mine for cryptocurrency like bitcoin, you would need high-end GPUs. This has proven to be a problem over the years as miners have been snapping up supply of GPUs, much to the annoyance of gamers who simply want to build a gaming rig and play their games.

Google And Microsoft Reportedly Oppose NVIDIA’s Acquisition Of ARM As Well
Last year, NVIDIA made waves when they announced that they would be acquiring ARM from SoftBank. Given that NVIDIA’s chipset efforts have kind of been limited to its own products as of late, acquiring ARM would allow them to get back into the semiconducting business in a huge way.

NVIDIA Is Bringing Back The GTX 1050 Ti
Right now, the latest NVIDIA GeForce cards are its 30 series. However, if you’ve been trying to build your own PC, you might have realized that their GPUs are a bit hard to come by as people have been snapping them up pretty quickly. To address GPU shortages, it seems that NVIDIA has done something a bit unconventional.

Qualcomm Is Objecting To NVIDIA’s Acquisition Of ARM
Last year, it was reported that NVIDIA was getting ready to acquire ARM from SoftBank in a deal that was said to be worth $40 billion. Initially there were rumors and speculation that Apple might be interested given how the company is now making their own chipsets, but it seems that NVIDIA would be the one landing the deal.

Cryptocurrency Miners Are Now Snapping Up RTX 30 Laptops To Mine For Ethereum
Mining for cryptocurrency is essentially a race. The faster your machine is capable of solving the problems, the faster you get your cryptocurrency. This is why at one point in time, GPUs were suddenly in short supply as many miners started buying the best GPUs they could afford to make their mining rigs as powerful as possible.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Updated With M1 Mac Support
If you’re one of the early adopters of Apple’s new M1 Mac computers, you might be interested to learn that NVIDIA has recently updated its GeForce Now game streaming app where it will now be officially supported on the M1 chipset.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Is Now Playable Through Chrome
If you’re looking to check out a game streaming service, one thing to consider is its availability. For those who are looking for a service that offers a wide array of choices when it comes to streaming, then NVIDIA’s GeForce Now might be worth your consideration, especially with the latest update to the service.

Check Out These RTX 3080 Powered Sneakers
When it comes to PC cases, we’ve seen some pretty outlandish designs that aren’t necessarily practical, but they are pretty cool as a concept. However, we think that this might have taken the cake because the folks at RTKFT have teased what appears to be a pair of sneakers powered by NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 GPU while using some of NZXT’s PC components.

LG Smart TVs Getting NVIDIA + Google Cloud Gaming
2021 LG Smart TV customers will be able to play high-powered graphics games via cloud services from Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now, out of the box – no console or PC needed. Note: the photo is for illustration only. Not the actual LG 2021 TV.

Someone Just Robbed MSI’s Factory Of $340,000 Worth Of NVIDIA RTX 3090s
GPUs are in high demand these days, not just by gamers, but people who need the processing power to do things like mine cryptocurrency. This is why if you’re having a hard time trying to get your hands on a high-end GPU, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it seems that those shortages have just gotten worse.

You Can Now Stream NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Through Safari On iOS Devices
While Apple has relaxed its rules regarding game streaming services on its iOS devices, it is still somewhat restrictive as it would require companies to individually submit the games that would be playable through the service. The idea is that Apple wants to ensure that the games meets its own set of rules and regulations.

Apple’s M1 GPU Has Managed To Beat Out Some AMD And NVIDIA GPUs
With Apple’s new M1 SoCs, Apple pretty much ditched using discrete GPUs that are found on some of their previous Mac models, like AMD. While we under that Apple wants to become more self-reliant, there is the question of how good Apple’s own GPUs are in the M1, and how it might hold up against the competition.