One of HP’s recent presentation slides did seem to feature a new Windows 8-powered tablet, although it does seem to be a rather rough render, so do not expect it to blow your mind away, and it is definitely far from the final version. HP does seem to have future plans for an x86-powered tablet device which is touted to be thinner than the Apple iPad (now that is going to be quite the achievement), sporting an iPad-rivaling battery life of anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, alongside a 10.1-inch display. Also known as the HP Slate 8 for now, this particular tablet device will target the business sector, although there is no word on a release date. I would dare to venture that since it seems to be more business-centric, HP might eventually see the Slate 8 end up as a PlayBook companion in the future.

Do you think that Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is going to see a shift in the tide of tablet operating systems? Will the Apple iPad be able to maintain its stranglehold in this market? Assuming HP has learned from the TouchPad, they might actually deliver a decent performer with the HP Slate 8 in the upcoming round.

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