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HP’s EliteOne 800 G8 All-in-One Is A Desktop Designed For The Office
There are plenty of choices in the market today when it comes to all-in-one (AIO) desktop systems, and HP is adding one more to the list. This comes in the form of the EliteOne 800 G8, which according to the company, seems to have been designed with “hybrid work environments” in mind.

HP Launches A Couple Of New Envy Laptops
If you’re interested in getting your hands on a brand new laptop, then you might be interested to learn that HP has announced a refresh of its Envy lineup. This includes the HP Envy 17 and also the HP x360 15, with the former being the more expensive of the two, while the latter is aimed more towards those who prefer a hybrid design.

HP Announces Their Plan To Acquire Gaming Accessory Maker HyperX
When it comes to gaming related peripherals and accessories, HyperX is one of the brands that we’re sure you’ve come across. Now assuming that everything goes according to plan and regulators give their stamp of approval, HyperX could soon be owned by computer maker HP, giving the company a foothold in the gaming accessory market.

HP Elite Dragonfly Max and Dragonfly G2 With Built-In Tracker
The HP Elite Dragonfly series is dedicated to business users. As such, the design language is agreeable and classy but also visually low-key. HP pretty much went as far as it could with the colors, and the metallic blue accent looks even better in the real world if it is anything close to what we have seen from HP before.


HP’s New Envy 14 Laptop Claims To Last 16.5 Hours On A Single Charge
The problem with laptops is trying to find a balance between a laptop that’s powerful and one that lasts long when using its battery. If you’re leaning more towards a laptop that has amazing battery life, then you might want to consider HP’s latest offering the form of the HP Envy 14. This is the company’s newest laptop that they have unveiled ahead of CES 2021.

HP Launches New Durable Chromebooks
The problem with computers that are used in the classroom is that students sometimes don’t treat them with the care they would if it were their own computer. This means that computers designed to be used by multiple users should be created to be durable, and that’s exactly what HP has done.

The New HP Elite Dragonfly Comes With A Tile Tracker & 5G
HP Elite Dragonfly was a quite popular convertible 2-in-1 laptop for business users. Now, at CES 2020, HP took the wraps off from its updated Elite Dragonfly.The new HP Elite Dragonfly comes with an updated spec sheet, to say the least. Visually, it strikes almost the same design language with some improvements (which is a good thing).Of course, the 10th gen Intel chipsets should give you a major performance boost […]

HP Spectre x360 15 (2020): HP Pulls All The Stops
As laptops’ weight generally decreased over time, many users have started shifting priorities from thin & light to comfort and speed.

HP ENVY 32 All-in-One: Beauty & Beast
Thanks to technological advances driven by laptops and mobiles, All-in-One PCs have become better designed and much more streamlined than just a few years ago (check our HP ENVY 32 AiO 2017 Review).

Amazon, Microsoft, And HP May Also Shift Production Outside China
China is the world’s manufacturing hub. Almost all of the products from major tech companies are manufactured there. This also leaves them in a bit of a sticky spot when trade tensions between China and the United States flare up. As the threat of new tariffs on products like laptops and smartphones looms, it’s now being reported that companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and HP are also looking to more some […]

HP’s New Envy Laptops Now Comes With A Wood Option
Most of the time, our laptops are made from polycarbonate bodies or aluminum. There are several reasons for this, such as affordability, weight, and also better heat conductivity. However, for those who wouldn’t mind seeing more material options when it comes to our laptops, HP is more than happy to oblige.

HP Omen X 2S Gaming Laptop Features A Second Display
Are you in the market for a powerful new gaming laptop? Perhaps you might want to take a look at HP’s latest Omen X 2S laptop. It’s quite different from conventional gaming laptops since it has a second display right above the keyboard. This means that you can play games and watch Twitch at the same time.

HP Introduces 15 Inch Chromebook For $449
HP has come out with the biggest Chromebook it has ever made. As the name suggests, the HP Chromebook 15 has a 15 inch touchscreen display with a full-size keyboard and number pad. It joins the likes of ASUS and Lenovo that have also released 15 inch notebooks that are powered by Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS.

HP Recalls Laptops Over Fire Hazard
The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they can be dangerous if not stored properly. As we have seen in the past, these batteries can explode. This is why the US Product and Safety Commission has announced that HP will be recalling several laptop models over a potential fire and hazard.

Ubergizmo's Best of CES 2019Editor's Pick
Goodbye CES 2019, this was Ubergizmo’s 14th CES! It was difficult to navigate the avalanche of new products and technologies announced there. Including the pre-show work, it took out a huge chunk of December and all of the Holidays, but the chips have fallen, and here are the best products and technologies we’ve seen at CES 2019, in no particular order!

HP’s OMEN Obelisk Desktops Get An Upgrade
#CES2019 – The thing about buying computers from computer companies is that usually the chassis used is customized to the manufacturer’s needs, which means that it can be a bit tricky if you’re trying to make the upgrade yourself. This is versus buying your own components and assembling them yourself, which usually makes future upgrades easier.

Omen X Emperium 65 With Soundbar: A Dream Gaming Monitor
HP has been pushing for large Gaming Monitors for some time, and we admit that it got our interest before, but the new Omen x 65 Emporium with Soundbar reaches a new level.

HP Spectre 15 x360 with AMOLED display
The HP Spectre 15 x360 already gets a significant update at CES in the form of an AMOLED display option. If you just got one recently, you might kick yourself right now, but this is a very exciting option, and hopefully just a new beginning of AMOLED on laptops.

HP EliteDisplay E243d Docking Monitor Unveiled
Desktops generally tend to be more comfortable to work on compared to laptops, but at the same time we know that there are some users out there who travel a lot and thus laptops are more convenient. However when you’re home or at the office, hooking the laptop up to an external display is a pretty common scenario.

HP Unveils A USB Mouse With Built-In Fingerprint Sensor
Various computer makers have long introduced security solutions like fingerprint sensors that have been built into the computer itself (usually found in laptops), but these are hardly the most ergonomic solution. This is where HP comes in as the company has announced the HP USB Fingerprint Mouse.