Facebook has its “Like” button, although there is no way for you to click “Dislike” which has been a sore point for some. Having said that, how about Google’s famous video sharing site YouTube? It seems that Google Chrome users are now able to install the “I Cried” button on YouTube after downloading it from the Chrome app store. Once the installation process is complete, the “I Cried” button ought to debut next to the other YouTube buttons, namely Subscribe as well as the number of videos. Forget about rating the video using the standard star rating, as you can now click on “I Cried” after you shed a stream of tears, no thanks to a particularly moving video. This new plug-in might actually prove to be a decent alternative to the current thumbs up or thumbs down feature on YouTube. Whoever said that the Internet and computers are cold and cruel places to be at? It would be interesting to see clips of Titanic racking up the teardrop count.

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