Just when you thought that the magic of Lego has stopped at the Lego Eva Gundam figurine, along comes this Lego Barrel Organ that is fully operational – playing what else but the Star Wars theme? In conjunction with the re-release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D glory, this gargantuan, hand-cranked barrel organ which required over 20,000 Lego bricks to construct while boasting famous Star Wars settings, will actually play out the classic Star Wars theme. Of course, do not expect it to be on the same level as that of an orchestra, but the very fact that Lego bricks were used to create this unique barrel organ is enough to make any fan drool in a lewd manner. Check out a video of it in action after the jump.

Professional Lego builders Rene Hoffmeister and Axel Al-Rubaie were behind this unique barrel organ, and it was on display in several theaters to date, making its rounds via the different Lego events before it finally finds a more permanent resting place in Legoland Germany. The creators behind this Lego Barrel Organ had this to say, “We took the iconic Star Wars Main Theme, rearranged it and translated it into a matrix – the construction blueprint for the organ. Then, we took the four most famous Star Wars worlds – Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and the Death Star – and built them on to the barrel, accordingly to the musical composition. When the organ is turned, the bricks touch mechanical sensors – these strike the keys of a built-in keyboard and play the Star Wars Main Theme.”

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