When it comes to flash memory storage platforms, there are different formats to choose from, and this time around Panasonic has come up with the microP2 card that is said to target professionals who want nothing but the very best in terms of data transfer speed. To make sure that it will play nice with a wide range of other devices, Panasonic also paraded a companion adaptor which will enable the new microP2 card to be compatible with existing PCMCIA-based hardware, albeit with the help of a firmware upgrade, of course. There is still no firm word on just when the new Panasonic microP2 card will be released and for how much, but chances are spring 2013 – yes, a good year away, will be the targeted rollout date. Would the microP2 format be adopted widely across the industry? I do not think that it will end up the route of the Memory Stick format from Sony that was so closed, what do you think? [Press Release]

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