Did you play the original Pokemon when it first came out for the Nintendo Game Boy? Boy, was that one game worth investing hours into, and the series has since grown by leaps and bounds. We now have Pokemon Black & White 2 in the pipeline, where it will be an all-new game, boasting a slew of new characters as well as location. Just like in Black & White, you are able to choose from male and female characters, but regardless of which gender you end up with, they will be of the sporty type, with the female lead sporting Princess Leia hair bunches – is she any good with a blaster then?

Rival is also introduced as the main character’s childhood friend, in addition to a mysterious bloke known as Akuroma, while a couple of gym leaders, Homika and Shizui, have also been introduced. The game itself will see you kick off from the new town of Hiougi City that is located in the South of Isshu. Both versions will be released in Japan this coming June 23rd.

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